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Are there any reading schemes for confident readers?

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clemetteattlee Tue 21-Jun-11 23:16:29

It may sound like a daft question but...
DD's school doesn't use a reading scheme. I wasn't too upset to be missing out on Chip and Kipper, but many of her nursery friends at other schools would talk about what "level" they were on and so she asked me if she could d something similar. I looked around and decided that the Wayland books book band system would suit us best. They have been brilliant, she has been really excited each time she moved up a level, but we have now reached the end of the scheme
I have been delighted at how well she has progressed at reading (excellent teaching at school means she has gone from barely reading at the start of Year 1 to reading confidently and fluently now we are nearly at the end). At school she is now reading chapter books in class and we read chapter books at bedtime, but she keeps asking if there is another scheme she could do where she could move "up" (she is a big fan of reward systems and progress charts etc etc).
So I was wondering, is there a schemes of graduated texts for older children to use?

dragonmother Tue 21-Jun-11 23:25:33

Yes, things like ORT Treetops and the Time Chronicles - both have cheap sets on The Book People at the moment.

magicmummy1 Wed 22-Jun-11 07:37:54

I would steer clear of reading schemes if you can - much better to read a wide range of "real" books! If she likes the satisfaction of getting a reward, why not sign her up for the local library's summer reading challenge? (happens across the country).

Not sure what "level" she is at, but we enjoyed a lot of the usborne books for young readers - there are fiction and non-fiction texts, and there is a progression through the levels.

In the longer term, though, I think you should perhaps try to wean her off the reading schemes and encourage her to see the rewards of reading as being in the activity itself, and not in moving through the levels - the pleasure should be in the journey, not the destination!

madamehooch Wed 22-Jun-11 08:06:41

Agree with magicmummy1. The Usborne series is pretty good if you want to continue with a reading scheme but your DD sounds like she's ready for the 'real book world!'

lovecheese Wed 22-Jun-11 08:12:28

If your DD does want the relative reassurance and visible progression of scheme books then I would have a look at the Reading Chest website, they have books going up to quite a high level and they are very flexible and efficient.

clemetteattlee Wed 22-Jun-11 11:30:38

Brilliant, thanks for the replies. I think our aim will be to wean her off "schemes" but it is nice to get some ideas for books to help with this.
Thanks again

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