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Practice makes perfect

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daylightdreaming Mon 06-Sep-10 14:04:02

Hi there

Our DS (Y2) will start music lessons this week and is supposed to practice for 15mins a day plus reading from school - another 15mins. He also has spellings once a week and may have other homework - not sure yet as he only starts back today.

How do you manage homework, music practice etc? Do you have a routine that works for you and any tips for making it go smoothly?

We've been a bit ad hoc in the past but we're keen to be a bit more organised so he knows what's going on and so we can manage a bit more than squeezing it all in at the end of a tiring day with the subsequent arguments that usually entails

thx smile

seeker Mon 06-Sep-10 14:08:05

15 minutes a day is too long for a little peerson to practice an instrument - you're setting up for failure, I think. 5 minutes a day and maybe a bit more at the weekend is fine.

I always did reading in the morning over breakfast when I could - worked much better.

daylightdreaming Mon 06-Sep-10 14:34:36

Thx, Seeker. My first thread so am very pleased to get a reply. I think you're probably right - I have been worrying about it which is why I posted the question. Will have to double check with his tutor about what's expected practice wise.

domesticsluttery Mon 06-Sep-10 15:36:50

DS1 is in Y3, and has been playing piano since he turned 7.

He practices for 10 mins a night. I like him to do it before supper (6pm) as otherwise he is too tired, so on the day that he has after school activities until 6pm I try to get him to do it in the morning before he goes to school.

His piano lesson is on a Friday night, so I get him to do his Theory homework over the weekend when he has more time.

He has reading and homework home from school during the week, which I try to get done before supper too. Fortuately the biggest pieces of homework tend to be at weekends.

sarahfreck Mon 06-Sep-10 22:04:06

Even if the tutor says 15 minutes, you can always start wit 5 and gradually increase to 15 mins over a number of weeks.In fact I'd probably recommend this.

I'd definitely set up some definite routine as although you may have to fight a bit to set it in place, after a few weeks your son will know what is expected and it will have become "normal" so hopefully less battles and arguments! When really depends on your son. If an early waker then maybe in the morning, if not after school. I'd allow unwinding time plus a snack and drink ( say 30 mins) before getting work done after school though.

What about putting some reward system in place (sticker chart?) so that if he does all his practice and homework, he gets some pre-determined treat at the weekend?

Definitely get all work/practice done before allowing computer or DS games!

oliviaaah Tue 07-Sep-10 14:49:40

Hi daylight. I'm pretty new to this posting lark too though I've lurked for ages!

My nearly 7 yr old DS started piano lessons last term. Five minutes practice per day was plenty to start with. The hardest thing I find is to stay positive about it. For the moment, I'm trying to steer clear of bribery and rewards, hoping to instill a feeling of -its just a thing you do, like brushing your teeth.-

I have found the best time to practice is in the morning before school. Good luck!

daylightdreaming Wed 08-Sep-10 18:46:12

Thanks everyone, including fellow Lurkers. It's sounding like the morning might be a good plan and starting slowly. And that we're definitely going to need a routine. I want to make sure it's fun whilst making sure he practices enough to make it worthwhile. Fingers crossed then!

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