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Moving from abroad to Haslemere, Surrey area, advice on prep schools pls!

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Newbie1971 Sun 15-Aug-10 15:47:10

Phew where to start? We have two sons, both bright and sporty but not ultra academic. DS1 will be Yr 7 and DS2 Yr 3 next Sept 2011 by when we need to have moved & found a house by!!! We have only just made the decision to move back and realise we need to make decisions about schools asap so really need some help pls! We are looking at the area south of Guildford, roughly Haslemere area as my lovely sis lives in the area and it seems really good to commute to London from. Therefore since we've just started our online search, we're looking at schools from Guildford down to Petersfield. Ideally wld love a school that went from Pre-prep all the way up to Sixth form so that both boys cld be at the same school but only Churchers seems to fit the bill - any opinions? Otherwise have to look at Prep school & Senior school separately...but definitely want the Senior school to be co-ed, and if also a boarding school needs to have an equal mix of day kids. Realise that we really dont have much time, as need to visit, decide and register asap as entrance exams may be in Jan next year - help!!! Guess we'll then look for a house after the school is sorted......

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Fiddledee Sun 15-Aug-10 21:31:03


mummytime Sun 15-Aug-10 21:39:02

Frensham Heights? Easy commute from Hindhead.

Newbie1971 Mon 16-Aug-10 11:27:24

Thanks! I thought Cranleigh was mainly boarding - is this wrong? Any opinions on Cranleigh or Frenscham anyone?

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Newbie1971 Mon 16-Aug-10 11:29:23

oops sorry for the typo blush

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willali Mon 16-Aug-10 13:44:01

I don't know about HAslemere area specifially but I do know that boys are not especially well served in that side of Surrey, co-ed schools are like hen's teeth and you will never get an even mix between day and boarding - it will skew one way or the other depending on the school.

Cranleigh is mostly boarding but a fair few day pupils and is co-ed throughout. I hear that transition from prep to senior is not as automatic as it once was and it is very likely to be "full" for the forseeable future so you need to act fast.

Frensham Heights is "alternative" ie not trad English Public School (some may say this is a bonus!) and not as academic as some.


bw67 Wed 12-Jul-17 08:11:02

would NOT recommend Amesbury school!

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