Smallest sized period pants / starter kit

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reluctantbrit Wed 03-Jul-19 20:32:59

DD wears Modibodi. I personally think they come up small. She wears 14-16 in their Red range and size 8 in the main ones. She just moved in 14-15 trousers or 15-16 knickers from M&S.

I think the Modibodis don't have any room to grow much. 14-16 is their biggest teenage range, so I would try the 12-14 maybe.

bellinisurge Wed 03-Jul-19 18:05:04

My dd 12 uses modibodis at school. She is a size 8. I think their Red range goes pretty small and there is free shipping at the moment.

It's hard to tell how their body shape will change in a short stretch of time once puberty kicks in so maybe splash out on one just to see.

They are really manageable and discreet. Dd has cloth pads for other days or non school time- sometimes she doubles up with pad plus period pants but that is more for her strong fear of leaking based on no experience at all - in fact she's pretty light so far.

I bought a couple of cloth pads - Precious Stars budget range is pretty good. But I also make them for her - customised to her preferences.

JanW99 Wed 03-Jul-19 17:24:37

Hi, Lil-lets do a starter pack containing a wide selection of items a young girl might need, including pads, liners, wipes etc. From Boots and

megletthesecond Wed 03-Jul-19 13:19:52

Can anyone recommend the smallest size, approx age 11, period pants?

I'd like to get a pair or two in case DD starts in the next year or so but can't figure out which ones are best for pre-teens.

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