Tell me about Sarahah please

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user1494670108 Wed 10-Jan-18 15:55:16

Asked dd to not have this ages ago and have just discovered she does still have it.
Should I go ape or does it really not matter?
She's 13 this month

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NorthernSpirit Wed 10-Jan-18 16:01:41

She’s too young for the app / guidance is I s appropriate for age 17+. If she’s 12 she’s far too young for it.

You asked her to remove it and she didn’t? I wouldn’t be happy.

mimiasovitch Wed 10-Jan-18 16:02:17

I know very little about this, but that it allows others to make anonymous comments on pictures. My youngest dd (14) was experiencing some extremely nasty comments on it, so we persuaded her to delete. Social media can be cruel enough, without anonymity

user1494670108 Wed 10-Jan-18 16:48:53

That's my feeling entirely I'm fucking furious but need to calm down before I speak to her.
Th deception is the worst part - the going right on ahead and doing what she wants despite being asked/ told not to.
Haven't yet decided how hard to come down on her but am so disappointed
Gah, My second post in two days (yesterday was mascara, what joys does tomorrow bring?)

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 11-Jan-18 19:03:59

I’d never even heard of it so thanks for that. Have you spoken to her about it yet? Just wondering how you got on.

user1494670108 Fri 12-Jan-18 17:15:35

She claims to have forgotten that I asked her not to use it and has deleted it.
I'm. It entirely sure I believe her but have decided to go with it but made it very clear that if she's found to be on it again there will be sanctions along the lines of no snapchat/ removal of phone etc

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NannyOggsKnickers Fri 12-Jan-18 17:27:34

Don’t go ape-shit. It will only make her more secretive. Information is your weapon. I would find verified stories of younger user having issues with bullying in the app. Tell her your fears about her safety and also tell her about how she is advertising herself and vulnerable by using it and possibly attracting predators. Show her some videos and child sexual exploitation and some on the effects of cyber bullying.

But if you berserk she’ll become even more secretive.

littlenicky61 Sat 13-Jan-18 11:33:51

We have just had a letter from our daughters school asking us to get our kids to delete it and advising us about the cyber bullying that had been happening as a result of this app. My daughter thinks its pointless so never used it but many others do and theres been some nasty negative comments on there from what I understand.

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