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DS11 being bullied!

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CrazyCatLady8 Wed 08-Nov-17 22:30:03

I am after advice really. My son started secondary school in September, he was being bullied by one boy, who kept going around and punching a few of the boys, I called the school and they dealt with it and it didn't happen again. Now he is being bullied by another boy, who is both verbal and physical towards my son. The advice I was given by the KS3 teacher was to inform a member of staff whenever it happens but it is also happening after school too. My son is also not informing the teacher when it happens, I think there is a fear of reprisals. He is a very soft and sensitive boy and wouldn't stand up for himself, my husband thinks that informing the school isn't going to stop it and he needs to deal with it in a different way, as it will just happen after school, which will be out of their control. I'm so angry and upset for him. There is also a lot of swearing and fighting happening at his school (all boys school), which he doesn't like.

Any advice please, would be greatly appreciated.


EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Fri 10-Nov-17 08:21:33

So sorry to hear that he’s being bullied. How is it happening after school? Is it on the way or is he on social media?

dolly1004 Sun 26-Nov-17 02:07:15

I am so sorry to hear of what is happening to your son. All I can say is deal with it outwith the school or it will never get better. My daughter was picked on from 1 particular girl from p2, the school dealt with it as they said, skip a few years and by p6 she was cornered in the playground and beat up. I assumed the school informed the parents as I had written a letter to the school board of directors and the bullying stopped. Now she is in 1st year and the after effects of the little girls bullying towards my daughter has all hit home. Her hormones are going crazy and she is struggling with friendships, scared of letting anyone close. My daughter started her periods at 10 and now 12 I know they are playing a massive factor, just on friday in her art work found in the bin she was expressing she wanted to kill herself, an awful phone call from the school. After speaking with her it turns out the little girl who bullied her is always in her head and she is finding things really tough. I look back and wish i had dealt with it myself just as my partner advised but I thought the school would have done the right thing. I am only lucky my daughter can talk to me but it is still affecting her so much these thoughts are not good. The mother of the bully is hopeless and can see no wrong in her daughter, and a few mums have approached me to apologise for not doing more when my daughter was the main target because now there daughters are going through it and the mother still doesnt accept her daughter is doing wrong. Please for your son act on it and do what your partner is saying. Schools arent good at this sort of thing. I only wish i had done it a different way now and its too late & now I cant sleep or eat in case she does anything.

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