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What do your 10/11 DD'sdo when then have a friend over for a play date ?

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josben Fri 12-May-17 18:53:21

DD has got her pal over and all they seem to want to do is watch you tube videos ! hmm

I've got them playing outside on scooters now ... IABU?

Melissa980 Sat 13-May-17 12:29:07

If they're having fun then let them have fun don't make them go outside

Bloosh Wed 24-May-17 13:07:24

Given the choice mine would play on her iPad while her friends play on their phones. Baking is usually the best way to get them off screens.

chocolateavocado99 Mon 29-May-17 14:15:17

Make slime. And then do musicallys. And then more slime. And repeat.

NatalieRushman Mon 29-May-17 14:16:55

Bake, make slime, ipad, paint nails. In that order.

Earlybird Mon 29-May-17 15:52:27

What are musicallys?

UnicornMadeOfPinkGlitter Mon 29-May-17 15:54:21

Dd is 11 and has a friend over (12) and they are sat in the conservatory watching you tube and playing Spotify.

They did go to the park, 5 minutes away but came back because it's raining.

At that age I just leave them to it calling them down for food if the friend is staying over a meal time.

MyNameIsntTaken Mon 29-May-17 16:18:16

I've walked into the room a few times to find them all sitting down, glued to their tablets/phones barely speaking to each other. I think its normal these days. Sometimes they'll all go on Xbox or PlayStation or just watch YouTube, musicaly etc.

Earlybird like a younger kids vine sort of. Short clips of them doing something to music or a pre recorded script, they either mouth along while acting things out or dance, pose, gymnastics or trampoline if they're into that, just anything really.

chocolateavocado99 Wed 31-May-17 14:36:45

Musicallys are a lip sync video program. They do the movements to a short (30 second) song. They post, follow and comment on each other's.

waitforrose Mon 12-Jun-17 00:14:32

Pleeeez be careful of and apps! Ch4 just showed at least half are watched by Paedos posing as children. They studied them for 2 weeks and found no end of commenters asking them to dance certain way/show knickers etc.

W0rriedMum Mon 12-Jun-17 00:17:47

You know you can set your child's account to be private, waitforrose?

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