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Screen time, Christmas presents and something to do - 12 yr old.

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RoadRunner123 Wed 12-Nov-14 09:58:13

I think that title about sums up all my problems!

I'm not sure what to do with DS at the moment and would be grateful for any advice. He is in year seven, just turned 12. The problem, as I see is, is that he is only really interested in Minecraft and a few other games that he plays on the laptop and on his iPad.

When he started at secondary school we set up a system whereby we had no screens Mon-Thurs night. He was getting a lot of homework, goes to football training one night a week and a different after school club another night. So my reasoning was that actually there wasn't much time for screens anyway, get the homework done in the week and then screen time could be pretty much unlimited over the weekend (except I was going to plan things to do to get him out of the house mwhahahahha!).

That was working quite well for the first half term, but now, already, he seems to be getting much less homework and so has lots of free time. the midweek ban is still in place but there is now lots of moaning. But as well as moaning, he just can't entertain himself. He has no idea at all what to do without his games unless I give him a job to do. Last Christmas he got a magazine subscription....they are unread. Presents people bought him for his birthday are unused. He's just not interested in anything really (I don't mean in a depressed way....he's a happy, confident chap).

So I feel a bit stuck with how to handle things.....firstly, Christmas is coming up and relatives will be asking for present ideas, but I feel like telling people not to get him anything because they are seriously wasting their money! Secondly, I suspect I might be being unreasonable with the screen ban, but I hate having to be a nag all the time saying...."ok, stop now, time for dinner", "can you stop now and have a shower", "can you stop now and answer my question!" Aargh!

I think when I was 12, I would just come home from school and watch TV. I didn't have any hobbies, didn't like sport....and I don't want him to be me!

Any advice..please?

clearsommespace Wed 12-Nov-14 19:11:39

DS is a similar age.Things he does that aren't computer games: learns to cook with me, learns to touch type, practices a musical instrument, plays Lego. Also here he is allowed to go the pool with our an adult so we often drop him off there with a friend.
Regarding Christmas gifts, it's a tricky age. Would he be interested in 'cool' clothes? DS wants a penknife. Has he got the things that get kids playing out: skateboard etc?

clearsommespace Wed 12-Nov-14 19:16:50

Football themed gifts from the team he supports? The shurts are expensive but I got my nephew the official dressing gown and he loves it.

Also I tell mine that too much computer gaming ruins your imagination ( perhops not true of Minecraft ! ) and that he if he moans he' s bored he obv needs to cut down.

clearsommespace Wed 12-Nov-14 19:17:30

I mean shirts of course.

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