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So do I mention this to DDs Pre-school Teacher????

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Jujubean77 Tue 08-Sep-09 12:09:42

DD started pre-school this week and is 2.9.

She has settled in really well so far but there is something that is really niggling me.

Her peg is almost impossible to get to - it is in the apex of a large corner lined by lots of other pegs which you have to step up to get to anyway. When all the children are getting their coats/ bags and whatever, DD will have absolutely no chance whatsoever of getting near it - it is in a really silly place. Maybe not such a huge issue now as I do it for her. But hanging her things up, I feel, is an important thing to learn to do independently and as time goes on with her being there I feel she will genuinely have no chance.

I don't want to seem ridiculous on her first week and give the Teachers hassle this is not "me" at all. DH thinks I need to say something pronto what do you all think?

Sagacious Tue 08-Sep-09 12:14:20

I'd mention it.
Not ridiculous at all.

Jujubean77 Tue 08-Sep-09 12:16:55

Really? Ok I will....

Overmydeadbody Tue 08-Sep-09 12:17:16

I'd mention it.

No child should have to have their peg in an inaccesible place though, so make sure you don't just expect them to swap hers with another child's and leave another child with that peg.

Jujubean77 Tue 08-Sep-09 12:19:04

I would in no way expect another child to swap the place because it doesn't count as an accessable peg, it should not be there.

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