Surrey schools? Cobham, Esher, Oxshott, Claygate?

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surrey101 Wed 14-Oct-20 08:21:02

Hi mums,

We are looking to move from Wimbledon to Surrey, for a bigger home and access to more green Spaces. We are now looking at schools for my boys for reception next year. We looked at Rowans (he didn't get in), Danes Hill (lovely but too big), Milbourne (surprised how run down it looked) and Parkside (our favourite). Initially I thought Milbourne would be the one, but we didn't get the best impression when visiting. Does anyone have good suggestions for independent schools, nearby train stations with easy access to London, with a green leafy village feel? Any suggestions would be great! Happy to also discuss our experiences when visiting the schools. Thanks smile

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Delta1 Thu 22-Oct-20 09:15:35

Are you set on one area of Surrey? We are on the Surrey / Berks border and there are more fab preps for boys than you can shake a stick at! - Hall Grove, Lambrook, Bishopsgate, Eagle House to name a few. And/or if you're looking for all boys later on, Sunningdale, Papplewick, Woodcote House. Feel free to PM me if you want. Also I'd post in Primary education as opposed to Pre School if i were you. You'll get more relevant traffic.

Eshermum73 Mon 22-Feb-21 23:21:00

You may have already chosen. Have you looked at Felton Fleet, not as big as Danes. If you have boys you should also look at Shrewsbury. My son was at Parkside but we moved him to Shrewsbury.

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