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Job Interview for TA 3 Position. Ideas please

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gemmaclaire Tue 24-Nov-15 07:50:05

I have been told on Saturday i have been shortlisted for a TA 3 position in a school nursery and I have to go in and deliver a 15 minute lesson observation tomorrow.

The children will be two years, and before I had realised the age, I had a phonics based session prepared. I was thinking of switching it to colour recognition and matching in light of their age.

Perhaps reading a colour of my own and then getting them to do a colour sort on the carpet?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, the session is meant to encourage communication and language and managing feelings and behaviour. I'm currently working in reception.

nicp123 Tue 09-Feb-16 21:17:10

Have you thought of reading a story related to some of the rules they have to follow in their nursery? A story about being kind/unkind, listening, being friendly, taking turns, etc. might work better.

( I suggest a story sack/pack similar to 'Handa's surprise'?)
Remember... the children are only age 2; therefore, they need something easy to understand and engaging so they can communicate their feelings.

Those observing will probably be more interested in noting your interaction with the children, the way you engage them using open questioning/ reasoning, etc.
Have a painting/colouring activity ready to pass on at the end of your session as a follow-up or extension so you can prove awareness of the learning cycle. Nothing too fancy!

Good luck!

nicp123 Tue 09-Feb-16 21:18:36

Oh! Just noticed the thread is an old one! Did you get the job?

RubyChewsDay Thu 11-Feb-16 07:41:11

Hope you got the job OP

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