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Will afternoons resigns be different to morning sessions?

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Ridingthestorm Sun 04-Jan-15 15:18:56

My DS has just turned 3. He starts pre-school (nursery class attached to the local primary school) in 10 days. He will be attending for five afternoons - 12:45 until 3:45.

Just wondering if the morning sessions are likely to be the same or different to morning sessions. I don't want my child to be disadvantaged because he is going afternoons.

Ridingthestorm Sun 04-Jan-15 15:21:02

I mean will morning sessions be different to afternoon sessions!!! Bloody ipad!

5madthings Sun 04-Jan-15 15:23:22

My kids have done a,mix, no difference. Same toys and activities and a snack etc.

level3at6months Sun 04-Jan-15 20:24:28

It depends on how the nursery operates but at ours there would be differences between the morning and afternoon because the children are different. We work very hard to ensure we meet the needs of the children and find - generally- that the children need a different pace in the afternoons. We have a lot of younger children who need something different to the children who are a full year - and more - older than them. This shouldn't disadvantage the children, though, as we plan so that their individual needs can be met.

I'm presuming if you child has just turned 3 then they have an early place in nursery and will get a full year from September. It might be that at that point you can swap sessions.

Littlefish Sun 04-Jan-15 22:57:48

I agree with level 3. Most of our children stay all day, and therefore, the pace changes in the afternoon (led by the children).

The activities can be similar, but equally, we may change them depending on how they have gone in the morning, or what the children have been interested in. It means that we always work flexibly, and will therefore have the opportunity to recognise and meet the needs of the few children who come for only the afternoons.

Ridingthestorm Tue 06-Jan-15 16:51:46

The pre school only cater for 15 hours free early education. Most children who are morning sessions will be in the year above DS when they start reception classes but I could have had some morning sessions for DS if I wanted but felt that to begin with I wanted his days to be set the same and not have to do a mixture. He does have some friends starting with him who are doing a mixture of mornings and afternoons.
So in both sessions there will be children just starting (turned 3) and some who are turning 4. There is no difference in age, for example mornings are not just for those turning 4 and afternoons for just turned 3 although the morning sessions are predominantly turning 4 and vice versa.
DS will get five terms of afternoons or mornings or a mixture before starting reception in September 2016.

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