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Changing schools. Making things worse for DD?

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MultipleMama Mon 08-Dec-14 02:19:26

And what advice can you offer? I'm clueless.

DD1 (3) attends the same school as DS1 (who changes school to suit his needs better after Xmas break) and is her first year in a school setting. She's in KG1. She's had severe seperation anxiety in the past but we slowly built up her confidence and she attended daycare which helped a lot too, she seemed to have grown out of it. Fast forward to Sept; she was quiet and withdrawn for the first few weeks and the school tried to help so we thought it was just nerves and a new environment. Now, months later, she screams, tantrums, and becomes very withdrawn at school. I've been called in twice to take her home. She also refuses to speak to anyone including other children. The school are concerned but don't know how to help her further. When I pick her up from school she is more clingy but she acts like herself outside of school. When I ask how was school she says she had fun and proceeded to tell me what they did in class (teacher confirmed they did those activities but that DD1 did not join in).

We've made the choice to change her schools and attend the same one as DS after Xmas. We took them to an open day and she seemed happy and even talked to other children and answered questions from adults. She was however, like this at the old school's open day. When asked, she is excited to go to a new school with her brother and talks about it a lot.

Are we doing the right thing? How can we help her if this happens again? Are we just making things worse for her?

All advice welcome. Late night worries of everything are going round my head. Sorry for the looong ramble! fblush

CastlesInTheSand Mon 08-Dec-14 02:48:22

I think it's unlikely to make things worse.

And if it happens again then you'll deal with it - but you will know that changing schools won't be the solution.

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