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Looking for Prep schools in Epsom, Need Help Mumsnetters!

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Daffyduckaroo Tue 25-Nov-14 10:59:52

Hi All,

We are a family who will be moving back to the UK after many years abroad. I'm looking at relocating to Epsom, as we love the area and ticks many boxes i.e, being family friendly and open spaces.
I'm looking for a prep school that is not too pushy, nurturing and kind, good pastoral care, and looking to bring out the best in every child. My DD aged 7 is currently in an international school that is very academically driven and although she is coping very well, as she is very bright, I don't want achievement awards and 100% test scores to be the only aspect in education that she will value. I would like a school that encourages children to be children and not push them beyond their years, at the same time academics should be strong (after all why pay the fees if not for good results!) Am I asking too much? I have read on a few threads about schools having 'fast girls' this certainly makes me very nervous.
Please could a mumsnet wonderwoman/man kindly rescue me from my dilemma.....?!? I am going crazy looking for the right school and so very difficult with all these boxes that need ticking.....
Oh and if that wasnt enough, my DD and DS (aged 4) have so far attended very international schools and we have loved having this aspect of cultural diversity as part of their schooling experience.
I have looked at (browsed websites and threads) for Aberdour and Kingswood House, does anybody have any other suggestions? In your opinion are these schools anything near what I'm looking for?
We are coming in to London for Christmas by the end of this month, I could look around before schools close for holidays.
Sorry for my long post, really look forward to advice

Daffyduckaroo Tue 25-Nov-14 15:31:27


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