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Fairmile montessori school in Hersham

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Euler Sat 21-Sep-13 21:54:44

Hi all,

Does anyone have any opinions about this preschool?? I have scoured the Internet, but nothing is out there. We are hoping to send my dd here when she's 3. We tried stagecoach montessori but it is full up.

I am beginning to wonder/worry why I can find no information about this school.

Thank you

chipstick2810 Sun 29-Sep-13 21:40:52

My ds goes to this pre school and we really like it! I couldn't find too much about it before we joined either except for the ofsted report on the ofsted site.

My ds started in the Mini class when he was 2.3 having always stayed home with me until then, and the teachers were very warm and great with him. He really came out of himself and became more confident and has just moved up to the big room now.

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