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Fulham Nurseries for 4-5 year olds

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Emmaroos Thu 09-May-13 15:59:25

My son did not get a place in either of the two state primaries we applied for. We did not see this coming. While we can possibly appeal one of the decisions, for the other one we have been defeated by short-term renters who rent specifically to get a place in the school. The council say they are in the process of changing the admissions criteria to combat this but it will take 18 months and it will be too late for us. My son will only turn 4 in August and therefore does not legally have to start school until next year. We have registered for the waiting lists for most of the private schools in the area and we are going to wait it out until a place opens up in a school we are comfortable with rather than sending him to a school with places available where a general lack of respect and manners seem to be tolerated in the way students speak to each other and to staff. I am gearing up for a bit of home-schooling and although we have been really happy with the nursery he goes to we think we want to move him on at the same time as his friends. Can anyone recommend any nurseries/pre-schools/Montessoris in the Fulham/Putney/Chelsea area which are quite structured/school-like?

TRL Mon 13-May-13 10:47:27

Pre-preps in Putney with nursery classes are Lion House and Merlin, both of which have strong reputations locally. I don't know if they'll have spaces left for Sept but you could ring and try.

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