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When do i apply for a nursery place?

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Willsmum79 Thu 14-Feb-13 21:07:12

You would think being a primary school teacher I would know the answer to this but being on the 'other side', a teacher at a school without a nursery section, I haven't a friggin' clue!

I know he would begin the term after his 3rd birthday, so I am assuming this is January 2015 as he is a December born but when do you apply to the school? Should I do it now to secure a place (39 places - but not sure if this is FS1 & 2 or just FS1) or do it nearer the time but when is 'nearer the time'?

I live in a village and I am aware that the birth rate here never mind the entire country has been on a parid increase and I am panicking that I may not get a nursery/school place for him already (sad, I know!) If he didn't get a place at our village school, we would have to go elsewhere and this woud have serious implications on us as a family, i.e. jobs and childcare.

Arithmeticulous Fri 15-Feb-13 10:28:09

Round here, you do it at birth ASAP for a pre-school place. Then, depending on the nursery and how it does in-take (only in September, or start of each term, or at 3rd birthday) - you wait for a place.

MissTriangle Fri 15-Feb-13 12:09:49

My daughter is 17 months and I am looking round preschools next week with a view to get her on the waiting list. We also live in a small village and the intake at the preschool (and primary school) is small. I am looking at two, as also considering the neighbouring village as may move there in the future.
I think it depends on how busy the preschools/nurseries are, the one near me has a massive waiting list and I have been told that I need to get her name on the list ASAP. But my friend who lives in another village, their preschool has no waiting list.

MerryMarigold Fri 15-Feb-13 12:14:19

For school nursery they only took children onto the waiting list after they were 2. They start sometime after they are 3 depending on the demand that year. They should always get at least one year in school nursery. My ds1 got in the term he was 4 (and spent 1 year in Nursery), my twins got in a week after they were 3! (So they are in Nursery for nearly 2 years). For Reception, the deadline is to apply in the January before they are due to start Reception.

MerryMarigold Fri 15-Feb-13 12:15:47

PS. Applying for proper school places has to be done at the right time and will depend on your LEA maybe though I think it's usually the school year before they are due to start - so not yet for you. Why don't you just ask at the local school?

lynniep Fri 15-Feb-13 12:22:42

We dont have school nurserys near me so I dont know how that works. We only have private nurserys or childminding options.

Its always best to contact places individually as they are the only people that can tell you how they work, but you are right to start thinking about it now.

Funding will start when your child is 3 yes (as you say in the term starting January 2015 - my DS2 turned 3 in November and his funding began this year)

We have a number of preschools/nurseries/daycare options where I am. Some you have to put their names down before birth. Some have no waiting list for preschoolers. Some do limited hours. Some do full day hours.

So as you seem to already know where you want your DS to go - give them a call and ask! You will not suffer from putting his name on a list if there is one, but you will lose out if you dont bother smile

Willsmum79 Sun 03-Mar-13 11:14:22

Thanks. I have found out via the school website that if he goes to the nursery (which I apply directly to the school) he will automatically be entered into Reception as it is all one unit.
Thanks again. I think I will give the school a call and see what they say.

MajaBiene Sun 03-Mar-13 11:16:13

Usually with state nursery schools you can apply after they've had their 2nd birthday, and they often allocate on the same basis as primary schools rather than length of time on the waiting list.

Startail Sun 03-Mar-13 11:24:41

DD2 the moment she was born.

It just happened DD1 was at preschool and the mum who did admissions DD was a friend of hers. So I got told the year above was going to be huge.

She was one of only two DCs who got in at 2.9, the rest had to wait until sept.

Seriously, you need to ask.

Last few years they have been begging for DCs and reception is tiny, but I believe our local birth rate has gone back up. Small rural schools and nurseries only need a few new houses or a CM agreeing to do pickups from a certain place to change the waiting lists.

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