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EYF Free funding for 3 year old - URGENT

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oinker Thu 13-Dec-12 09:47:40

My son goes to nursery and gets the free funding as an over 3 year old.
We were informed yesterday by the nursery that the funding term runs out tomorrow 14th December. I queried this as generally aren't the terms the same as school terms??? confused
I rang our local authority at Ealing who informed me they were correct...shock That the funding was only for 14 weeks!!!!!! WHY is this? I don't get it? When I asked the LA they said it just was?
I rang several other local nurseries who beleived the funding was until 21st and had no idea about this 14 week funding only?
Term started on 3rd September didn't it? Then half term for a week in October..... Doesn't that make it 14 weeks on 21st?

Am I getting this all wrong? hmm

HELP.............. Any advice please?

Pleasenomorepeppa Thu 13-Dec-12 09:52:55

Is the Nursery attached to a School? Are they going by Private School dates?
Maybe ask some of the other parents.
I'm in Islington & DD goes to a Nursery attached to a school. Her term ends on the 20th.
We also get 30 hours instead of 15 in our borough.
Hope it gets sorted.

oinker Thu 13-Dec-12 09:58:32

The nursery is attached to a school but is private.. Basically its at the side of the school so not actually anything to do with the school.
Our term started on 6th September and there was a half term in October of 1 week. LA told me this terms cover was for 14 weeks only.

Am I adding up wrong or does 14 weeks from 6th September take us up to 21st December?

My local auuthority pay a MAX of 38 weeks a year.

oinker Thu 13-Dec-12 09:59:07

It's not a private school its a state run infant school.

camdancer Thu 13-Dec-12 12:55:07

At the preschool where I'm on the committee, we get 38 weeks funding for the whole year. The preschool have to take those 38 weeks during school terms but school terms are 39 weeks so we could choose when to take the extra week off. We've tried different things - finish early for Christmas, take 2 weeks half term or start a week late. This year the school terms were 8 weeks, half term then 7 weeks, so we choose to start a week late. It is a decision each setting can make for themselves.

It is ridiculous and definitely should be the same as school terms but that's the rules.

oinker Thu 13-Dec-12 16:43:01

First off,I called LA again and they insisted on being right. sad they stated the 14 week ends tomorrow.
The nursery manager was also unsure of their (LA) reasoning so did some digging. I have just had a call from her grin
The funding for 2 year olds ends tomorrow not 3+!!!gringringringringringrin
Am pleased it got sorted.

Not too happy with my local authority. They need to get their facts right. I felt a right dimwit challenging them a second time today. blush
Anyways.... All sorted nowgrin

Snowflakepie Sat 15-Dec-12 16:30:59

I knew it was 38 weeks per year and up to the setting how they worked that. DD doesn't get it yet but the preschool she is at have only just realised they are a week over, so they are going to write to all affected parents and ask if they wish to pay the extra week themselves or they will shut a week early in the summer. It is a daft system though.

LapsusLinguae Sat 15-Dec-12 16:39:35

I think it maybe because schools have 5 inset days so 5 days kids are not at school. However these are spread throughout the year in school. Private nursery have to decide when this unfunded time falls.

OddBoots Sat 15-Dec-12 16:40:23

Glad it was sorted.

I think the 38 weeks thing is because of training days, most schools I know of have 5 days teacher training at year so they are effectively 38 weeks a year too.

SamSmalaidh Sat 15-Dec-12 16:47:15

We had 2 weeks for half term this year.

Snowflakepie Sat 15-Dec-12 19:43:28

Lol, the preschool has inset days too, which always seem to be a Monday which is DDs day :-(. Might have to think about changing that when she gets funding. Nothing's ever easy is it!

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