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Can a nursery charge when they are not open??

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STACEYANDKAY Sun 02-Jan-11 16:05:33


I have recently been having a dispute with my daughters nursery. This has been about the Early Years funding as they are trying to give me back the fees that the local authority pay, as opposed to the actual hourly fee the nursery charge.

I know this is wrong as I have the Early Years Funding guidelines. So whilst challenging them, I said I am only going to pay the amount I should and calculated their hourly fee of £865 per month divided by 49 weeks of the year (they close for 3) etc etc.

Last year when I asked them how they can charge when they are closed and I was told that they dont, they calculate and annual figure and divide it by 12, so that we pay the same each month, but they dont technically charge for those weeks.

Now however, they have changed their minds and say 'well, the staff have to be paid too'.

I'm sure there will be a law that stipulates that a company cannot charge for a service they are not providing?

Someone please help, I go back on Tue and really need to have a convincing argument. I refuse to pay £865 a month, when I know I shouldnt be!


baffledmum Sun 02-Jan-11 21:21:03

My children's nursery also used to give me back the fee from the LA each term. I didn't have any issue with that TBH - surely it's swings and roundabouts? I always thought that it was a contribution to the cost of child care rather than the full hourly rate.

In terms of the other charges, what does your contract with the nursery state? I used to have to pay when, for instance, we were on holidays otherwise I would have lost the place but I knew that before I put my children into the nursery.

To check the costings are correct, asssuming that you don't need to pay for Bank Holidays (I was expected to pay for those days as the staff were paid but then my employer was paying me too), work out the exact number of days you think you should pay for and divide that by 12. Is there still discrepancy?

baffledmum Sun 02-Jan-11 21:26:18

Look at this thread and the post from Millie 44. Maybe you could send her a message as she seems to run a nursery and could advise?

missorinoco Sun 02-Jan-11 21:30:43

My nursery charges for bank holidays when they are closed. They are always closed for Xmas week, and therefore don't charge for Xmas Day/Boxing Day/New Year's Day, but you pay for all the rest even though they are shut.

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