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Mass Flu Outbreak at a School

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DoYouRememberJustinBobby Thu 08-Dec-16 13:46:46

I just spotted on the news that a secondary school in Manchester has had to close for a minimum of 5 days because 350 pupils and 20 staff have come down with flu.

I was wondering how people prep for such a thing, as flu comes on suddenly and can rapidly become quite serious and evidently spreads like wildfire!

I think my preps are pretty basic.
I have a flu jab because of chronic illness (although the 3 times in my life I have had flu have been years I had the jab) but I also make sure to have a decent stock of basic medications (enough for entire family using recommended doses for 2 weeks), tinned soups, part baked bread, tissues, loo roll, printed out numbers for work and school etc.
For the most part (unless it turns nasty) is it a case of hunkering down and hoping it passes quickly? How are you preparing for such an outbreak locally?
I have 6 children and the thought of all 6 having the flu along with both us parents is something I can't even process.

Also hoping all the children and staff at the school recover quickly, I wouldn't wish flu on my worst enemy.

isthistoonosy Wed 17-May-17 21:02:28

I'm not prepped for this in particular but we generally have meds we need anyway and enough for a couple of weeks, food and water for a month or so. Also have cleaning products in disinfecting, hot washes etc.
Easy entertainment for all.
Teaching older kids to be able to cook/ feed themselves and others (look after the younger ones if needed - change a nappy etc), would be good I suppose.

Kursk Fri 14-Jul-17 15:29:39

For mass disease infection it's good to learn the codes that emergency services paint on the outside of the house to notify other services of the number and condition of people inside.

AdoraBell Thu 12-Oct-17 23:57:30

I think making sure you are healthy, if possible, good diet etc throughout the year is a good defence in general. Then things like religious hand washing, as flu virus is passed on via things like door handles, hand rails, lift buttons etc, and upping vitamin C intake are the most helpful in guarding against infection.

Then lots of fluid and rest with appropriate medicine.

Agree with pp re teaching older DC to help out, depending on their ages.

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