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BLW for prem babies?

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bunnybunyip Mon 10-Aug-09 09:45:57

Hello all
DS was born at 32+4/40 and is now 3 months corrected and nearing 5 months uncorrected age. In a month or so I think we will have to start weaning (no signs of readiness yet so I am not in any rush but I think they advise to go on uncorrected age). I would love to try baby led weaning but not sure if development will have caught up enough to try finger foods; anyone have any experience of this?

CMOTdibbler Mon 10-Aug-09 09:51:20

Ds was born at 35+0, and I did BLW at 26 weeks uncorrected with no problems at all.

There are a few people with more prem babies who have done BLW too - Aitch's DD2 was born at 33 weeks

Bilbomum Mon 10-Aug-09 13:58:05

DD was born at 30 weeks but with no other medical problems. I had a big problem with the weaning advice, I thought uncorrected age seemed just too early for her to wean. I delayed it slightly and started off very slowly (ds has big allergy problems so I was very wary of introducing things too early).

She was fully breastfed and I always intended to do BLW but in practice I just didn't feel she could get enough down her. Admittedly probably more my paranoia about her weight rather than actual fact! I did introduce finger food from the beginning though and she coped absolutely fine with it.

She's now 14 months old,will eat absolutely anything and has a huge appetite but still tiny, I think it's just the way she was made!

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