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Second prem baby

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KateTTC123 Sun 03-Feb-19 05:24:48

I posted a few days ago about having braxton hicks and period pains very regularly at 25 weeks into my second pregnancy following a first pregnancy that ended at 29 weeks for unknown reasons. I've had an ffn, which came back negative, and they've both done a speculum and an internal ultrasound to measure my cervix, which is still long and closed. I understand, and am very relieved, that I am unlikely to give birth for at least 2 more weeks.
I just cant shake the feeling though that my body is gearing up for early labour again, as all these signs, along with a gut feelinb he would be early, happened in the weeks before my first was born and I dismissed them as normal since I had no reason to believe I was high risk. I'm now having backache too; which again happened suddenly about 3 weeks before my son was born. The only symptom I dont yet have is increased discharge.
In every other way this pregnancy has exactly mirrored my last, even down to my sickness lasting until 17 weeks to the day. I just feel it in my bones that this baby will arrive around the same gestation but I have no way of knowing if thats just in my head. I had the same feeling with my first though; I even cancelled a work trip because I thought he would come early and in the end he arrived before that would have been!
My consultant has advised me to take some time off work and to try and relax.
I guess what I'm looking for are your stories of second pregnancies. Did you have similar niggly signs and just a gut feeling that your baby would be early? What was the outcome? They are keeping a close eye on me and will now repeat the ffn test every 2 weeks; which I really hope will help with my anxiety!

MingoMingo Tue 05-Feb-19 01:34:10

It's a tough one, on one had mothers intuition is strong. However your mind will be clouded by your previous experience.
My first was a 24 weeker, spontaneous labour. My whole second pregnancy I was convinced it would definitely happen again, every single niggle I was adamant it was labour again.
I did end up having my second 8 weeks early, but that was down to IUGR and very low waters. They actually had to do a c section and drag her out, so unlike my first she wasn't budging.
I'm not going to say get it out of your head and there's no point worrying and bla bla bla because you'll worry anyway, but they're keeping a closer eye on you this time round, you will be listened to for every niggle and concern you have. Good luck, wishing you a happy, healthy and full term pregnancy!

k777 Wed 13-Feb-19 11:57:40

Hi Mingo and Kate
This is my first time on here so here it goes.. and I hope I don't say anything wrong. From what I have read about PPROM it is not certain that it happens in 2nd pregnancies and I really hope that you dont go through that again. I think it will more than likely be more paranoia which is totally understandable but if your gut feeling is telling you something go to the early pregnancy unit.
I think the best thing you can do is probably go on what they call restrictive bed rest so you don't strain your back and give your baby the best chance - I really hope it all works out for you girls.

My story is similar, I came out of hospital last week as I had miscarriage at 16 weeks and I have been devastated since. Its weird how you can feel so much when you are pregnant and then all off a sudden there's emptiness - My husband has been really supportive but Im just so worried - and have all these questions going round in my head " What If" I suppose I came on here to see whether people have had normal presidencies after PProm. I had a miscarriage before at 7 weeks and I suppose I thought this time was the one where I was past the 12 week mark but again Im anxious of falling pregnant again and going through the same thing.

Bumpandus Mon 25-Mar-19 20:30:50

Both my babies were prem first one born at 32 weeks and second born at 31 weeks (although tried to come at 29). I think the most important thing to remember is that it’s out of your control and that every week is precious try and stay resting and not stress. I hope you get to full term but if not you’ve done this before! Thinking of you!

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