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where to get clothes for dinky toy baby

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Dildals Tue 03-Sep-13 10:26:48


My baby girl is 1.6kgs and needs some more clothes, especially sleep suits! I can generally find body suits but struggle to find something with long sleeves / long legs.

I know that mothercare do a limited range and I have been on and and ebay, but would like a bit more choice. Have I missed a good shop?!?

All the other usual shops (John Lewis, M&S, M&P etc) they all do clothes for 'early baby' or 'tiny baby' but this is still way too big for my (incredibly cute) girl.

At the moment I dress her in clothes the hospital has, but she'll (fingers crossed!) be coming home in a couple of weeks time!

Any tips?

rcs19 Tue 03-Sep-13 10:30:21

I've seen tiny clothes for premature babies in boots, might be worth a look. Sorry, I'm no expert on really small ones but they might have something.

WhatKatyDidnt Tue 03-Sep-13 11:43:05

The mamas and papas "petit petit bebe" size just about fitted my DD when she hit 3lbs or so.

Locketjuice Tue 03-Sep-13 11:43:22

Maybe post on selling sites and the local board on here, I have seen them posted on netmums too. X

minipie Tue 03-Sep-13 22:06:25

Mothercare does 3lb and 4 lb size, not a huge range but nice stuff.

tunnocksteacake Tue 03-Sep-13 22:09:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MiniPopsMum2012 Wed 04-Sep-13 08:37:22

We got stuff from a boots range, it's designed with nicu in mind. We had long sleeved sleepsuits, they were perfect. I ordered stuff from eBay too. There's also a charity called pop and grow (they're on Facebook) that do clothes, they might be able to advise on what you are after and also maybe give the Bliss helpline a call, I'm sure they might be able to help.

Congrats on your little one and hope you get your little girl home very soon x

Dildals Thu 05-Sep-13 10:07:36

She has a Pop n Grow suit, she's on their FB page, casually modelling it! She peed on it the other day, somehow, just after I put it on her ...

People have mentioned Boots to me but when I go on their website I can't find anything, bar 2 pairs of pants!

Dildals Thu 05-Sep-13 10:10:36

what katy didnt' The petit petit bebe range says the smallest size is for 3.15kgs/7lbs that's why I thought it would be too big.

MiaowTheCat Thu 05-Sep-13 11:37:31

I resorted to a lot of rompers with socks combo- if they were too big then they became like long sleeved anyway and I found it easier than trying to get stuff with the right arm and leg length especially since dd1 was dinky but all bloody arms and legs with it!

NoForkNKnife Thu 05-Sep-13 11:47:41

When my daughter reached 1.6 (she was 0.9 at birth) she wasnt in preemie clothes. Try early or tiny baby sizes. I find the sizes on the labels a bit off. Shes currently in a sleepsuit for 10.5lbs and filling it at only 8.5lbs!

Amazon do a nice pramsuit for when you take her home smile

MiaowTheCat Thu 05-Sep-13 13:35:46

It's really worth looking beyond the stated weights as well - they're just a guide and depending on the shape of baby you have even when they're into full-termie size clothes, you might find the weight ranges are totally off kilter anyway. DD1 I've mentioned is all arms and legs so babygros were usually all body and ended up with her arms and legs stuck inside as one very pissed off ball of baby wrath - she tended to be about on a par with the weight ranges on things.

DD2 - bloody long, and bloody long-bodied! Was noteably long even when born as a technical preemie (they treated her as such, but at 7lb at 36 weeks - I'm convinced the dating scan was out) and now - even stuff she should fit on weight ranges... no blooming chance - she's in 9-12 month clothes (and the top she has on today looks suspiciously tight) at 5 flipping months!

Off the top of my head - Mothercare's early baby size is to 5lb, and their tiny baby size is to 7lb. They were selling a range marketed before that and Bliss logoed but when I saw it they were quite heavily reduced so I'm not sure if they've taken that one out of their stock or not... plus I've found their dinky provision varies really badly across branches - Nottingham's used to be shite compared to Derby but lately Nottingham have mysteriously upped their game... could possibly be because of the Kiddicare next door!

You're not going to need tonnes because soon she'll be growing like a triffid and you'll look at the dinky stuff with disbelief that it ever fitted her! (DD1 decided she couldn't be bothered with 6-9 month and 9-12 month stuff much at all and had some ridiculous growth spurts promoting her from "awwww what a dinky little baby" to "that child is never that young" within about the space of a month or so)

SoonToBeSix Thu 05-Sep-13 13:38:37

I got boots for my ds from in store though not online.

silverangel Thu 12-Sep-13 21:21:46

DTS were in Mamas and Papas Petit Petit baby at 3lb, I think the size guide is from 5lb but they were fine, just baggy. Not cheap though.

silverangel Thu 12-Sep-13 21:21:47

DTS were in Mamas and Papas Petit Petit baby at 3lb, I think the size guide is from 5lb but they were fine, just baggy. Not cheap though.

silverangel Thu 12-Sep-13 21:21:49

DTS were in Mamas and Papas Petit Petit baby at 3lb, I think the size guide is from 5lb but they were fine, just baggy. Not cheap though.

fairimum Thu 26-Sep-13 12:48:51

I ordered lots from pumpkin patch online and they were fab!

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