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xmasevebundle Thu 13-Sep-12 18:11:38

I had a scare last week due to stress, my mum and dad been in horiffic car crash. Both are doing fine now, the doctor said i could go into labour any time soon. I was utter panic that i could be in labour at 25w and would he survive? I am now 25+2. I am doing everything around the house, i am just so happy they are alive but i am so stressed!!!!

I went to hospital where they said i had a really bad water infection(shock set it off he said) took my tablets. The pain was that bad i thought i was in labour. No joke!

Dr said i should rest, its easier said than done sad

Would a baby survive at 25w?

Many thanks.

rufusnine Thu 13-Sep-12 22:16:59

Long story cut short - grandson born at 25 + 3 after prem rupture of membranes. 1lb 13oz - 5 weeks in Nicu, 6 weeks in special care and home at 36 weeks. Now nearly 2 with no problems - so the answer is yes babies can and do survive! Not all are as lucky and some can have problems but our eyes were opened to amount of tiny micro preemie babies born and the amazing job that NICU (Neo natal intensive care unit) do However its much better to try and "cook" them a bit longer!

Mandy21 Fri 14-Sep-12 11:57:03

Its a bit of a difficult questions - "viability" is 24 weeks - so babies born after 24 weeks are able to survive, so yes, a baby born at 25+2 stands a good chance of surviving the birth, but as you can imagine, that is teeny tiny and a 25 weeker would face quite a difficult time in NICU. Its not just their gestation, its how they cope with NICU and deal with infections etc during their time there. There was a little girl in our BLISS support group who was born at exactly 24 weeks and apart from some chest problems (prone to nasty infections) she was fine. At that gestation, every day is important (my twins were born at 27+6) so get your feet up and as you've been advised, just rest. good luck!

Mama1980 Mon 17-Sep-12 07:13:30

My son was born at 26 weeks he is now fine has no long term issues though he fought several infections and needed a few
Operations primarily to re section his bowel which wasn't properly formed. So the answer is yes smile but everyday is important the longer you stay pregnant the less of a fight it will be for your baby. Best of luck, put your feet up and rest. Xxx

Tigerlily49 Mon 17-Sep-12 22:07:00

Another voice of cautious reassurance...DD2 born at 23 weeks is now 3 and no long term health or developmental issues are apparent. In fact she has now been discharged from the paediatrician and has just one audiology screen left when she gets to 4, which is a world away from all the terrifying medical support required in her early months! Don't get me wrong - every day cooking makes a huge difference to the chances of a positive outcome (and DD2 has been far far luckier than most), so rest up and fingers crossed for you xx

johnworf Wed 26-Sep-12 20:49:24

Ex 24 weeker here. Now 4 and at school. It's a rocky journey in NICU but the outcomes at so much better these days smile

nothingbyhalves Thu 11-Oct-12 21:23:59

My waters went at 25+3. I was told DT's would be born within 72 hours. I was addmitted to hospital and told to rest. And rest I did! I would have the odd little stroll around the ward, but mostly I sat down. DT's stayed put until 31 weeks.
REST!!!!! do nothing apart from watching crap tv and crosswords, catch up on your reading. The power of positive mental attitude. I refused to get stressed out and simply told them to stay put.

A friend of mine had her DT's at 24 weeks. They are now at the age of almost 3 thriving!

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