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When to introduce bottles of EBM to exclusively breastfed prem baby?

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quoteunquote Thu 12-Jul-12 21:26:03

we went through this a couple of times, I too had a freezer full of milk, but I was advised to leave it as long as possible, as with prems, it can upset things,

I was advised to not disturb successful breast feeding, as they still have catching up to do,

One of the nurses did say go for it, but after a long chat with a far more experienced nurse she convinced me to continue with the breast exclusively, as she had seen problems.

it can confuse a prems suck

Cheeser Thu 12-Jul-12 17:59:58

Hi everyone

My DS was born at 30+2, he's now almost 9 weeks old so almost at due date. I've been exclusively breastfeeding him since about 34 weeks and he's been home now for almost 5 weeks. Feeding is going well, but I'm starting to think about introducing a bottle of expressed milk (I have a tonne in the freezer) for one feed every other day or so to give me a bit of a break.

I've read that 6-8 weeks is the window for introducing a bottle and it not interfering with bf but I'm unsure if this 6-8 weeks relates to actual age or corrected age.

Has anyone else successfully introduced a bottle around this time? I want to be able to let DP give him a bottle every now and then to give me a little bit more freedom but I don't want to interrupt breastfeeding.

Can anyone help? I can't seem to find any information about when to best introduce a bottle to a prem baby, all the info I have found just covers feeding options from birth


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