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Weaning - confused by HV advice

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stillfrazzled Fri 01-Jul-11 17:44:05

Actually, I'm confused by the whole issue! DS2 v nearly 6 months. Born 35+3, 3lbs 5ozs due to IUGR. No health issues, though, doing well and EBF.

Have realised I will have to wean him soon, but not really sure where to start. He's so tiny, and I don't want to fill his stomach with less calorific food and cut down on his milk - he still has a LOT of catching up to do (still not on charts).

He seems interested in food, can put hands together and chew on them, head control not bad and can sit propped up, although not unsupported.

With DS1, I waited till 6 months but then started with finger foods and the odd cooked dish (eg pasta) and fruit pot/plain yoghurt etc.

HV said I could start weaning, but mainly fruit and veg. No Greek yog and banana, like DS1 had, as dairy, but butter fine on mashed potato etc hmm.

Avoid gluten 'for a while' and buy gluten-free bread. No meat for a while.

And no finger food as he's too small. Just purees.

I don't want to be the kind of mother who asks for HV advice and then ignores it, but OTOH she admits she doesn't actually KNOW much about the issue, it's just her instinct to be cautious. We're not due to see the consultant till the end of the month, and I'm thinking I should at least try him with some food before then so I can ask questions and provide info if necessary.

Apols for epic. If you're still reading, does this sound right? What did you do?

Mandy21 Fri 01-Jul-11 18:18:02

Sorry but HVs are useless when it comes to knowledge about prems. I made a formal complaint about mine but thats a very long story....

If he's v nearly 6 months and he looks interested, then try him. According to my consultant (after HV gave me completely contradictory advice) weaning is one thing that you do based on their actual age, not their corrected age as their tummies start to develop as soon as they are born - they're having milk etc the same as any term baby.

I would start very slowly - just offer purees for a week or so, maybe try him with porridge with EBM after that and just build up gradually. I'd offer it after his milk just to make sure he's still getting the cals from the milk and when he looks more interested, do a little bit of food, then milk, then food, milk etc.

I wouldn't necessarily worry about avoiding gluten or dairy at this stage unless you have a history of allergies or there is a reason you think he should avoid it, but I would do the basic fruit and veg first. Maybe give him a rice cake and see how he gets on in a couple of weeks


DdJames Fri 01-Jul-11 18:29:20

This is a problem with health visitors who don't deal with premmie's much.

I would follow the same weaning process as you did with your first child. Start with the veggies & fruit then introduce fish and meat. I would include lots of full fat dairy products - not sure of her reasoning behind the avoiding of gluten or bananas!!. In fact it is recommend to introduce foods containing gluten whilst you are still breastfeeding to reduce the risk of Coeliac disease. The department of health recommend its best to give foods containing gluten between 5 - 7 months.
Preterm babies are at no more risk of developing a food allergy than term babies.
Your DS wasn't to early but it may still take him a little longer than a term baby to wean.

Bliss have a great booklet about weaning premature babies.

stillfrazzled Sat 02-Jul-11 10:29:45

Thank you, this all sounds much more reassuring. I have downloaded the Bliss booklet, it is very good.

So I'm thinking start with a couple of carrot sticks and a bit of mashed carrot one day, see how he likes it, and if he does, try something like sweet potato after a day or so? Then progress to mashed potato with some milk or butter and a rice cake, and move on to a piece of toast after a week.

I'd also like to introduce the odd bottle of formula (I've been expressing every day for six months to get top-ups and am sick to bloody death of the breast pump!) but am thinking wait till he's been on food for a few days.

Does this sound logical?

Penguindreams Thu 07-Jul-11 16:20:09

Frazzled, I replied on your other thread about our weaning experiences - good luck!

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