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Am I pregnant

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Thatgirl123 Sun 13-Jan-19 16:36:07

I took a test this morning, due to really sore boob, itchy nipple, nausea, and constantly weeing. A second line appeared on the test but it’s very faded. I’ve attached the test just need opinions thank you x

AuRevoirAdios Mon 14-Jan-19 14:25:06

Didn't want to read and run as noone else has replied
I can definitely see a second line but the end of the test looks a bit flooded. I'd re-test if I were you and see what happens

Good luck x

Thatgirl123 Mon 14-Jan-19 18:56:53

Thank you for replying I did a 2 tests earlier and they were both negative

LauraBrown1 Fri 18-Jan-19 21:08:37

I think that's a positive result OP x

Thatgirl123 Fri 18-Jan-19 22:28:27

I’ve taken 3 tests after and I’ve had 3 negatives x

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