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Pregnancy and working as a carer

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Opie2801 Tue 25-Dec-18 19:48:09

Hi I'm new too all this found out Friday 21st December I was pregnant after 2 years of trying so I am over the moon I have had high blood pressure untreated for past few years my own fault but I did lose 8 stone and my blood pressure improved and also chostocondritus since I was 12. I have worked as a home carer for 6 years but really struggling as we're I work is uphill so I am constantly up and down all day, I have to work 6 days a week to get 27 hours on minimum wage and the work is unreal, normally I'll be fine and can walk ten miles a day but I don't want to lose my baby.Im really drained nauseous and my breasts have gotten so big and I am already a FF cup which means I'm in pain all the time from chostocondritus as the breast bone and rib bone rub together and become inflamed causing a pain that mimics the pain of a heart attack,I went to the doctor's yesterday as I was dizzy and drained and my blood pressure was 174/100 so the doctor wanted me on beta blockers but because I suffer with allergies to food I cannot take them as I might not know when I'm having a reaction.the doctor signed me off work for two weeks. I am currently waiting on a phone call to go to anti natal medical unit, I feel better for resting but I'm worrying about being able to work as I don't want to harm my baby and also I'm stressing about how we will be able to afford to live sorry it's all over the place completely new to this and I don't have a mum to ask.

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