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I'm a Nanny and pregnant how do I tell my boss?

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le27 Fri 14-Dec-18 13:11:56

I have been a nanny for a family for 18 weeks and I am 12 weeks pregnant! I have my scan next week and plan on telling them a few weeks after that.

I am unaware how to approach the situation, as I don't believe it's as simple as me going on maternity and returning after. My contact states that my employers operate statutory maternity pay, however I feel that they may not want to have a maternity cover whilst they wait for me to return, as the children will have to build new relationships etc. Especially if I decide to take a long period of time off.

Also because of my circumstances it's likely that I will need to return to work as a nanny, bringing the baby with me to work.

I am yet to decide how long I want to take off and this will be effected by my work situation eg: if I am receiving maternity pay or not and also if the employers are open to me having the baby with me at work.

What should I do? How do I tell them?

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