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wanting my kids close together

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Geexox Mon 18-Jan-16 21:40:06

So I've got a son, but already he's growing up fast 6 months already and I can't help but want another one! What's the recomended time between children? I always wanted to have my children grow up close together but I also want my son too get the attention he needs and deserves before throwing another baby in, I wouldn't consider it before e was over a year old at least, what's people's opinions? What age gap is between your children? smile

thejoysofboys Mon 18-Jan-16 21:45:54

18m between mine. Hard work in the early days but now they get on really well (6y & 5y). DS adapted really well when the baby arrived - only downside was that every time one cried, the other one cried!!!! Oh, and there wasn't much sleep for a few years 🙄.
I think there are pros and cons for any age gap. There's no right answer.

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