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Group G strep

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nervousmum2be Tue 26-Jul-05 11:33:19

Any ideas? I've just found out i was wrongly told that i was group B strep positive, and that i am in fact group G strep positive, diagnosed from a HVS. I had antibiotics at the time, but can't find out any information on this group G. Is it something i should be concerned with / impact on labour and Baba etc? All info gratefully received

suzi2 Tue 26-Jul-05 14:40:46

I'm not sure... There isn't much info out there on group G is there? But from what I have seen, it is usually easily treated with antibiotics. I'm surprised you got a wrong diagnosis. But I know that the NHS swab test for group B is fairly unreliable so perhaps the test for group G is too? What is your GP saying to it all?

A bit of a long shot, but the Group B support website may be able to help you - they may have some experience of other strep infections in pregnancy.

Good luck - Sus, x

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