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Pre-natal vitamin supplements - what are you taking?

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asparagusaddict Thu 25-Feb-10 16:10:40

I'm taking the Pregnacare Plus ones with the omega 3 capsule.

Just curious as to what others are taking as the vitamin supplement part of mine has the 400ug of folic acid in it - box says fine to take throughout the whole of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

However, I'm getting on to 30 weeks now and I remember there was that story towards the end of last year about there being a link between folic acid supplements in late pregnancy and asthma...

I know this was just one piece of research that made it's way into the news and I have stumbled across other research that says it should be taken throughout but I'm feeling confused and unsure whether to stop taking them and swap for something else without folic acid confused

Is anyone else having the same dilemma?

pip88 Sun 28-Feb-10 21:38:30

After reading about the same study I tried to find a vitamin and mineral supplement which didn't have folic acid in it but all of them, including those not targeted at pregnant women, contain folic acid. I've decided to keep on taking Pregnacare as the study which suggested the link between taking FA late pregnancy and asthma was very small and has yet to be substantiated.

At the end of the day you have to weigh up the pros and cons of continuing with the supplements and decide what's best for you and your baby. Personally, i'm sure many aspects of modern life (Eg choosing to live in London) result in a greater risk of asthma.

BusyMissIzzy Mon 01-Mar-10 13:52:05

I stopped taking Pregnacare at about 32 weeks because of the possible asthma link; couldn't find a pregnancy vitamin supplement without FA though. Non-pregnancy vits seem to be very different and didn't want to risk getting too much of things that can be harmful when pg. Since then I've just been taking iron supplements (Spatone); I think my diet is good enough that the baby and I get what we need. I wasn't hugely worried about the asthma thing; like pip88 said, it's down to personal decision really.

EmmaBemma Mon 01-Mar-10 13:59:41

I'm 21 weeks and don't take vitamin supplements (apart from folic acid up to the recommended 13 weeks) as I reckon my diet is plenty varied enough without them. I didn't with my last pregnancy either and my daughter (now 3) is the picture of health. I think they're a bit of a swizz to be honest.

susiey Mon 01-Mar-10 16:53:23

I am taking snatogen pronatal and a double dose of folic acid on top but that is on my obstetrician recomendation apparently my body processes it too quickly while pregnant.

I figure it can't be that harmful if they are perscribing me a double dose for my entire pregnancy also this is dc 3 and had to do the same in both other prgnancies and nno asthma in either child

dairymoo Mon 01-Mar-10 18:12:47

I'm with EmmaBemma. Folic acid in first trimester but I eat really healthily and so would rather rely on my diet, plus I'm not very good at swallowing pills blush.

MumNWLondon Mon 01-Mar-10 18:55:06

I am 33 weeks, and i am taking the healthspan multi vegetatarian one - after much research ingredients look very similar to pregnacare but half amount of folic acid - I emailed them to confirm that the vit A was all vegetable sourced beta carotene (which is safe to take in pregnancy).

They are much much cheaper that pregnacare which i agree is daylight extortion - in the first trimester though i took additional folic acid. I also take their cerebrum omega 3 supplement.

nickytwotimes Mon 01-Mar-10 18:57:32

I took folic acid. That was it. You really do not need anything else if you eat a reasonalbe diet and pills are no solution if you do not.

Oh, and I survived 4 mths of hyperemesis with my iron count intact.

maria1113 Tue 10-Feb-15 12:32:34

Took boots own brand folic acid and vitamin d with baby no1, no problems. Been taking pregnacare with baby no2, ended up doubled over at 3am with severe constipation after 2weeks of taking. Back to boots own brand and no problems. Will never recommend pregnacare... Don't think I need the iron! Have been taking vitamin b12 as this is thought to reduce morning sickness/vomiting. So far so good. Vitamin b6 is also noted for nausea reduction. Might try this too. Will try anything to avoid puking.

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