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anybody from around worcestershire

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Rachael17 Thu 12-Jun-03 12:24:44

jus wondered if any ones from my area
also is there any other way i can meet expectant mums close to me.

SueW Thu 12-Jun-03 13:03:35

If you don't have any success here, you could try your local NCT? You can try them anyway/as well!

NCT website has contact info for some local branches or call their Enquiry Line on 0870 444 8707.

Ailsa Thu 12-Jun-03 22:02:29

Hi Rachael17, I'm actually in Worcester, where are you? There are a few of us on Mumsnet from Worcestershire.

sassy Fri 13-Jun-03 11:48:55

Hi Rachael17, Im also from worcs. Are you after a meet-up, that would be nice! I'm in Stourport. Where are you?

Rachael17 Sat 14-Jun-03 07:22:47

im in warndon villages jus out of worcester
hopefully moving to sumwhere in droitwich
is good that people r close by wasnt sure how i was gonna meet people.i know a couple of mums (both people from daddy 2 be's fam)
how far gone r u both im just at 16.5 weeks

p.s damn waking up so early i been awake since 6 cos my tummy woke me up asking for food have i got this for the next 5/6 months

sassy Mon 16-Jun-03 13:43:06

I'm actually a mum already; my little girl is 8 months. BUT you sound as though you could do with some support and company now and when baby is born. If you are desperate to meet younger mums (I am 30 -is this far too old for you?!!)the hospital/midwives do have a support group cos I saw posters when I was in having my dd. Is it worth chatting to your midwife on your next visit?
Droitwich is nice, we used to live there!

Emilycharlotte1994 Wed 10-Aug-16 19:49:57

Hello I'm new to living in droitwich I moved to be with my boyfriend. We have our first home in droitwich and I have a 8 month old son called beau. Do you ever come to droitwich at all.

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