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Any suggestions to decongest that I haven't tried?!

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Weegle Mon 09-Nov-09 11:56:40

I feel shocking sad and a really heavy stinking cold could prove to be the straw to break this camel's back (hyperemisis, on crutches in pain, builders driving me mental, braxton hicks taking my breath away blah blah blah).

Have tried menthol, olbas oil, and steam and I literally still cannot get this congestion to shift even a little. Also been drinking hot squash and peppermint tea. I feel so rough. I have one of my many hospital appts at 2.10 and I just don't feel up to going if I can't do something to feel a little better. Any suggestions?

flybynight Mon 09-Nov-09 14:27:49

By coincidence I just read this "top tip" in Country Living. I haven't road tested it myself so I can't vouch for it.

"If I'm suffering from a cold I make a warm footbath and add slices of fresh ginger. Ginger has a warming effect and actss as a detoxifier and it seems to draw the congestion away from my head in no time"

Well, I have ny doubts but you can surely give it a try! And I bet you haven't already tried it!

Bucharest Mon 09-Nov-09 14:29:26

Get thee a neti pot.
Ebay- cost about £3.
Changed my life!

bigpreggybelly Mon 09-Nov-09 14:45:11

You can get a saline nasal spray from most chemists - its safe to use whilst pregnant and pretty good.

Weegle Mon 09-Nov-09 17:02:50

thanks all - I checked this too late for my appt so cancelled - DH came home for some TLC and that was better. No I haven't tried ginger in a footbath! Gives me an excuse to get DH to make me a footbath though grin. What's a neti pot?

Zil131 Mon 09-Nov-09 18:04:13

I am rather rapidly getting though a pack of Kalvol capets I bought when DS was tiny. I just squeeze them out on some cotton woool and dot them round the bed, and soon I'm breathing easy.

Bucharest Mon 09-Nov-09 18:06:04

Weegle- they are little plastic bottle things with a tubey bit- you use special salts and basically wash out your sinuses...if you google, there is a video on youtube of how it works. Bit icky- but my sinuses are so much better!

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