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Anyone from Dublin

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firstbabyandnervous Fri 17-Jun-05 09:14:52

Hi! Just wondering if theres anyone from Dublin thats having or may have had their baby in the Coombe hospital?

tarantula Fri 17-Jun-05 09:33:08

3 of my sisters were born there but that was quite a while ago so not much help . There are quite a few Irish people here so Im sure one will pop up soon to give you the gen. Good Luck with it all.

chipmonkey Mon 20-Jun-05 17:22:22

Sorry, I'm a Holles St girl but hi anyway! The coombe is supposed to be excellent.

fireflyfairy2 Tue 21-Jun-05 20:28:08

Im in the North of Ireland so not any use either.. but Hi!

firstbabyandnervous Wed 22-Jun-05 10:35:40

Hi! Thanks anyway

stleger Wed 22-Jun-05 14:48:49

Try if you are looking for a chat on Irish stuff.

chipmonkey Wed 22-Jun-05 15:08:40

also EuMom , is mainly peopled by Iris gals!

mishmash Wed 22-Jun-05 15:16:13

Also tons of information on - specific pregnancy threads

chipmonkey Thu 23-Jun-05 12:03:36

Irish, even!

firstbabyandnervous Thu 23-Jun-05 12:47:48

Ha ha chipmonkey I guessed it was irish

chipmonkey Fri 24-Jun-05 21:37:38

have you def decided on the coombe, fban?

firstbabyandnervous Mon 27-Jun-05 09:23:08

Hi chipmonkey! Yeah def going to the Coombe its the nearest maternity hospital to me

chipmonkey Mon 27-Jun-05 10:23:36

When is your baby due then?

firstbabyandnervous Mon 27-Jun-05 13:34:53

Im due on the 13th of Nov and I cant wait

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