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To all those NOT taking swine flu jab....

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lumpasmelly Fri 06-Nov-09 11:26:47

...what are your strategies for keeping swine flu free over the next few months? I have a DS in school and another in nursery, and a DH who takes the tube every morning, so I am trying to figure out what is reasonable in terms of avoidance measures. I am doing all the usual things like eating well, hand washing, avoiding crowded places and trying to stay rested (despite heightened anxiety) but not sure whether or not I should be going as far as making DH sleep in another room, and taking kids out of school, cancelling all social engagements etc...DH thinks that I am being mental to suggest "stopping life" for the next 6 months, but where do you draw the line?.....does anyone actually know what the odds are of getting it?

thedollshouse Fri 06-Nov-09 11:30:56

I work in a school and will be going on maternity leave at 29 weeks (the earliest allowed). Once I am on maternity leave I will limit my contact with children to a minimum which will be difficult as I have a child in primary school. Using alcohol hand gel, avoiding contact with people who have been unwell, there isn't much else I can do really.

I am annoyed as it is possible I have already had swine flu but my GP surgery are refusing to give me a blood test to confirm this. I can't afford to get the blood test done privately.

thedollshouse Fri 06-Nov-09 11:38:51

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that my recent illness was swine flu. I have had ordinary seasonal flu before which was a lot worse than my recent illness. However I am taking a lot of time to recover and the recovery phase feels very similar to how I felt when I was recovering from flu so heres hoping that it was swine flu, in which case I got off lightly.

lumpasmelly Fri 06-Nov-09 11:47:01

Gosh - I didn't even know that you could have a test to see if you have had it before....I too had what COULD have been swine flu back in June, but as I didn't go to the doctor at the time (figured that they would just tell me take paracetemol!)

Dee2009 Fri 06-Nov-09 19:10:45

I try not to touch my face when out and about and not eat anything till i can wash my hands first! Also I carry hand gel every where and use it after toucing things like escaltor hand rails etc. I think you should keep going out and about tho as this will keep up a level of immunity, whereas if you shut your self away your immune system could weaken.

I am starting M/L at 29 weeks as i work on reception and mix with alot of general public, alot of whom are very thoughtless and come in when unwell-and then announce they have been very poorly with the flu for the last week!!!!angry

Hope this helps.

LackingNicknameInspiration Fri 06-Nov-09 19:52:09

Just general hygiene, hand washing etc, although not worrying about hand gel. I have a 2 year old DD and DH commutes on tube so I rather figure that she and he are the most likely ways that I'd catch it and can't really do much about that. Am 37 weeks pg by the way.

LackingNicknameInspiration Fri 06-Nov-09 19:56:05

ps - hope that doesn't sound too blase, quite understand why people worry. Think part of the reason that I'm less worried than I possibly should be is that I don't know anyone who's had it - and nor has MW raised it at all with me. In fact, have you all been offered the jab, or have you had to ask about it - I do sometimes wonder if I should look into it a bit more!

Sorry to hijack your thread, OP!

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