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Scan tomorrow at 9+5, is it likely to be internal?

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Tobermory Sun 01-Nov-09 19:58:33

Had some bleeding last week, scan is tomorrow.
Whilst on the one hand not looking forward to bad news if that is the case, I've had a very hard week waiting and need to know.

So being likely is that the scan will be internal?

napa Sun 01-Nov-09 20:01:00

go with a full bladder cos they will try an abdominal scan first. if they can see everything with that then there will be no need for an internal scan. if they can't see well or your bladder is not full enough they may need to do an internal scan.

for this pregnancy i only had one internal scan (at 6 weeks) then rest of the scans have been abdomninal (7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 weeks)

good luck

hope everything is ok

greensnail Sun 01-Nov-09 20:02:10

When I had a scan at 8 weeks it wasn't an internal one. I think they try to get it externally but if they can't then they'll do an internal one.
I had an internal scan later in the pregnancy as they wanted to look at my cervix and it was fine too.

Hope you get good news x

LadyOfTheFlowers Sun 01-Nov-09 20:02:48

Could be either way.

My friend went for one friday as by her dates she would have been 7 weeks but was actually six weeks so they tried tummy but had to go internal.

Think you might get away with tummy? Fingers crossed eh?

Sorry to hear you have been having a bad time.

BikeRunSki Sun 01-Nov-09 20:02:48

I had a scan at 9+3 nearly two years ago and it was not internal.

cakeywakeywhizzbangmakey Sun 01-Nov-09 20:03:00

Sorry you're having a hard time, it's so frightening when you have to sit and wait for a scan date to come round.

I've had a nine week and a ten week scan before, and both were internal.

It's not too bad, you just have to remember that it's a means to an end. I hope you get good news.

Tobermory Sun 01-Nov-09 20:11:24

Thanks all.

I'm close to tears reading nice messages from you lovely people wishing me good things for tomorrow- think I'll be a bit of a mess tomorrow regardless of the outcome.

OK, so lots of water in the morning- but not as much as at my dating scan when pg with DD when I had to wee part way through!!

EldonAve Sun 01-Nov-09 20:13:32

I would say empty bladder and internal scan

Tobermory Sun 01-Nov-09 20:24:23

No Eldon that's not the answer I'm after!

EldonAve Sun 01-Nov-09 20:26:49

best of luck though

FluffysBeenBittenByAVampire Sun 01-Nov-09 20:30:10

It's probably going to be an internal one as they won't be able to find the foetus any other way as it's too small. It doesn't hurt, it's just like a thin tampon, the sonographer is really experienced and will be really sensitive. I had one at 8 weeks, it was OK. You'll need an empty bladder aswell.

I hope it goes OK for you.

oopsandbabycoconut Sun 01-Nov-09 20:30:56

I had a scan last weekend at 9+2 and it was internal - it might be ecause I still have a lot bit of a belly from having DD a year ago. I went with full bladder she tried external and could see HB but wasn't clear enough for measuring or checking the placenta so she did an internal.

Hope all goes well tomorrow.

MaHobbit Sun 01-Nov-09 22:34:41

Depends on hospital I think. Round here anything less than 12 weeks is classed as early preg and internal scan.

It really isn't as bad as you think. I've lost count of the number I had in my three pregnancies (1mc,one healthy sprout, currently 16+weeks). Seriously must be more than 10.

Apparently the position of my uterus makes tummy scans tricky in early preg/when not preg. I'm no fan of hospitals but after my miscarriage I was sent for scans (long story not for here) and after 10 mins of bladder busting tummy scan with no clear results I actually asked the sonographer if transvaginal would be easier and volunteered for all future scans that way. It wasn't nice, but not at all painful and actually quicker and more dignified than being prodded for ages by someone scrabbling for a clear image.

Just trying to say if I had it of my own free will it isn't that bad. And remember it isn't at all strange to them cos they spend all day doing it.

MissMarjoribanks Sun 01-Nov-09 22:35:16

I had an emergency scan at 9+5 due to bleeding and it was an external one, though they did warn me they might need to try an internal one if they couldn't see much. My GP recommended I drank a lot of water before I went in, so I drank 2 pints on the trot and had an extremely full bladder... I don't know if this helped in the end.

Everything was very clear even at that early stage - the sonographer pointed out heartbeat, head, legs and placenta and even gave me a photo. The only thing they couldn't see was any cause for the bleeding.

Good luck! I was really worried before mine, but all turned out well and I'm now 29 weeks with a little wriggler.

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