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bleeding thru pregnancy and nobody can tell me why!

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twogirls1more Fri 30-Oct-09 08:54:30

Hi everyone!

Am currently 19wks pg and started spotting at 6wks..since then the pattern has gone as follows:-
Spotting on and off most days between 6-10wks, then 2.5wks off!, then more spotting 12.5wks for about 3 days, then more at 15.5wks and again at 18.5wks...
Pattern that seems to have formed is I get spotting every 3wks for a few days which I can only assume isn't coincidental and is hormonal? Has anyone else had this? Docs have checked me out and can't explain it! It's not even as though it's in line with what is my usual cycle as this is about 33 days long! Ideas and reassurance would be helpful..Thanks

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