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Is my rib pain to do with pregnancy or something else??

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mosschops30 Tue 27-Oct-09 13:08:33

I cant decide whether I need to be more worried than I am, after having flu 2 weeks ago I had terrible pain in my ribs and chest which doctor said was muscular skeletal.

But a week on and pain is still the same, worse if Im sitting like this at computer, it goes all the way round, under my breasts and round the back. Am 38 weeks now and massive!
I also have to fall asleep lying on my side but sat up, which also makes it hurt more, when I wake in the morning and have slipped down the pain is less, until I start sitting like this again at the PC

So is it something flu related or just yet another random pregnancy thing?

hannahsaunt Tue 27-Oct-09 13:28:19

I had tears to your eyes rib pain with ds3 from about 32 weeks so probably just that. Horrid but probably not something to worry about.

Wigsy Tue 27-Oct-09 22:28:34

I had this in my first pregnancy: can't remember at what stage, but it was definitely much sooner than 38 weeks. Really bloody hurt. I think the ribcage has to move up and out to accommodate everything inside as the baby grows, and the pain is due to the stretching.

I ended up leaving my job far earlier than planned because I just couldn't sit at a computer. Ended up lying on the floor under the desk as the only way to get comfy: I had exactly the discomfort you describe. At least you're nearly full term: you'll be sitting comfortably again before very long, hooray!

mosschops30 Wed 28-Oct-09 11:12:42

Oh thank you for this, sounds normal then, and here's hoping that I wont have the rib pain much longer.
Does it go straight away then or linger for a bit like SPD can?

LALA77 Wed 28-Oct-09 12:20:21

I've been suffering this for 2 weeks now (am 33 weeks). Ended up at emergency midwife at 11pm one night as so painful, it's a tearjerker! They referred me for physio and gave me painkillers (which don't work). The only relief is lying down on one side, sitting at desk is agony. Roll on mat leave and I can lie on the floor whenever I like!

ButtercupWafflehead Wed 28-Oct-09 12:27:17

Also have this, I've been undoing my bra surreptitiously at particularly painful times. I read somewhere that not only are your ribs expanding to make room, but it's likely that one side are trying to move more than the other - ouch!

The sneezing and coughing probably make you ache too,

Hang in there!

Comma2 Wed 28-Oct-09 14:24:48

I spent a night in the hospital with the worst rib pain - I screamed and panicked when they tried to change my position from sitting perfectly up right, and I am not at all pain sensitive. All sorts of tests, nothing conclusive. It can however be a sign of Preeclampsia or gall problems, so if its bad you might want to ask the doc. They decided in the end it was gas (wind? sorry, US) and gave me medicine. I don't think it was gas, as the pain came just from the liver/gall, and the doc said it should come from all across under the rib cage, but the meds helped anyway (or it just went away). Maybe just try something against wind for a couple of days. It didn't feel like wind etc, but somehow it got better, and my doc claimed all the symptoms (better when lying on the side etc) where right.

Gaaaa. Sorry, no paragraphs! smile

RubyBooBerry Wed 28-Oct-09 14:27:12

I had it really badly too, I found that sitting astride a chair with a cushion in front of me helped loads.

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