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missed mini pill - a bit concerned!!!

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oopshaveidoneitagain Sun 18-Oct-09 18:32:36

i am a regular but have named changed smile

did the deed last nite with my dp but just realised i missed my mini pill (was a little tipsy)

i was on day 8 yesterday of my cycle and my last one was 24 days

i fall very easily, we have a 4 month old ds (fell on mini pill, missed 2 and then stopped taking as realised i could be pg) and i have 3 dc from previous relationship.
we would like another dc i think but maybe in a couple of years?

just concerned now, if i take my mini pill for today tonight at usual time and continue to take them will i be okay?
i think dp will be so annoyed with me if i fall again so quick.

i find it so hard to remember to take mini pill every day!!!

not sure if last time was because i stopped taking them for that month as i think mini pill is supposed to thin womb lining so should i be okay if only miss one?

can anyone advice me?

FlameIsHavinABaby Mon 19-Oct-09 02:37:33

morning after pill.

and a better contraceptive!! How about a coil?

oopshaveidoneitagain Mon 19-Oct-09 10:15:29

hello,thanks for your reply. yes, i think i will have to go get morning after pill today. i took my mini pill at normal time last night so hoping that might of stopped anything from happening. i looked online and the instructions for that pill say discontinue if you miss one!!! i don't want to alarm my dp by telling him i missed so i think i will just carry on and do morning after pill too.

i did think about coil but is it more likely you can get infection with one of those? my mum got p.i.d after she had her coil fitted

FlameIsHavinABaby Mon 19-Oct-09 10:20:32

infection is a risk, but treatable with antibiotics... babies less so wink

oopshaveidoneitagain Mon 19-Oct-09 10:30:06

true, thanks smile

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