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Low lying placenta

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Danielle91011 Sun 18-Oct-09 15:07:46

I have a posterior, low lying placenta which is 1.7cm from os. one consultant has said very high chance of c-section and to expect one, then 2 weeks later a different consultant said i will not have a c-section and a vaginal birth will be fine but to make everyone aware i have a low placenta.
I'm now concerned about having a VB and the placenta being ruptured causing high risk to me or my baby. i would prefer a VB if ther were no complications, but as there is a potential high risk complication i would rather have a c-section as the safety of my baby is the most important thing. I have read articles that suggest a placenta below 2cm (or 3cm for posterior) should be a definate c-section. Can anyone comment that is having the same problem or knows of anyone that has had a VB with similar placenta position?? I am due in 3 weeks and very confused and concerned...

whensmydayoff Sun 18-Oct-09 16:14:42

I had a low prosterior placenta 1st time.
I can't remember how low but know I was told it was very low and I bled a lot throughout.
However, at the 34 week scan they said it had moved out of the way and cancelled my section and I was down for a VB.
At 37 weeks my waters broke and I started to bleed as the contractions came.
It turned out it was still covering the cervix hmm!
Yes, I bled but I was taken for an emerg CS (which isn't the panic you think it might be) and my son was born fine and well and the CS was very straight forward.
I didn't loose so much blood I needed a transfusion, it was just blood and clots every time a mild contraction came but emerg CS means just that. Everyone else in the waiting room just has to wait and you get their slot! grin.
It can move out the way but if it doesn't, it is not as scary as you think it might be.

stareyes76 Sun 18-Oct-09 16:15:05

ok im not in the same position and i don't know anyone but didn't want you to be ignored or anything. im due in 12 weeks myself and they thought i had a low placenta at first due to blood loss but to be honest i think it may end up with what the doctor says on the day for you. i know im not much help. sorry. which doctor seemed to know the most? have you spoken to your midwife or anything? i understand the safety of your baby is the most important thing.. sorry but i hope iv helped in a little way anyway. sorry xxxxx

BettyBubs Tue 20-Oct-09 13:21:25

Hi Danielle, my placenta was posterior and 1.6cm from os at 32 week scan and had moved to 2.6cm by 36 week scan so my consultant was happy to go for a VB. I have had no bleeding during the pregnancy. The royal college of obstetricians advice is the placenta should be 2cm from the os for a VB.

maybe you should ask for another appointment with the doctor to make sure you are happy with what is happening. Write and questions you have down before you go.

Good luck. I am due in 2 weeks!!!

Danielle91011 Wed 21-Oct-09 17:34:50

Thanks to all of you for replying, i didn't think anyone would reply!!!
I started to get myself in a bit of a panic a couple of days ago as when i had the scan at 34 wks it showed 2.3cm and then the next at 36 wks showed 1.7cm which obviously seemed worse. However i saw a different consultant the second time and was expecting him just to book a CS seeng it was lower than the original (and then very confused that he said i would be fine for VB).
I decided to ring the hospital and ask to see the first consultant again (which i am next tuesday ) and then saw my midwife yesterday, who got all of my emotions in one!!! Bless her!! She could see how much it was worrying me and said i have done the right thing in booking to see the original consultant who said i should expect a CS and apparantley he will let me have a CS

As i explained to the midwife (who was not my normal midwife which i think was fate as i think my normal one just thinks i'm nuts!!)i understand it's a major op and under normal circumstances i would much rather have a natural VB but i could not contemplate anything going wrong and would rather take the 'risk' out of it and have a CS which they do every day rather not knowing how my labour may or may not go. Along with the fact i now know that if i had a normal VB i would be panicking after every breathe and asking if i was bleeding cnstantly which i'm sure would'nt be good for baby if i was that stressed!!!??

So... i now feel i am making the right choice and just prey to god he will book me for a CS when i see him next week and with any luck it should be for end of next week as i will then be approaching 39 weeks!!! Right now i just want my baby safely in my arms

Sorry for the essay, it's just nice to get it all of your chest now that i've got people listening to me!!! Thanks guys and best of luck with the rest of your pregnancies xxx

Adexlove Thu 18-May-17 08:32:49

Hello,good morning,I need ur help,my first ultrasound is posterior, n at 34 weeks my placenta is not found what can I do

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