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What item will you definitely be buying second time round...

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lola0109 Mon 12-Oct-09 22:52:17

and vice versa, what won't you be bothering with. Kinda like, if you knew then what you know now?

I'm 16 weeks with DC2 and have most stuff still from DD1 who is only 13 months just now. My SIL is due 3 days before me.

I am desperately trying to think of a present for her but she is so bloody super efficient that she has bought everything, and it's her DH's mum's first so she has also bought loads.

I'm thinking of going for a baby carrier as mine was invaluable and I think will be more so this time with 2 under 2! Any other suggestions. They got us loads for DD and just want to get them really useful things.

I think for myself this time, I am treating us to an electric breastpump. couldn't express with manual one the last time but luckily didn't have to much but I think that b'feeding this time might be tricky with DD1 still demansing so much attention. So i think it will come in very handy!

ErikaMaye Mon 12-Oct-09 23:06:06

This is my first, and I can safely say that the best investment I have made during the pregnancy are my cushions grin I wouldn't be able to get comfortable in the slightest without my bump wedge support or my V shaped one... Bliss grin

lola0109 Mon 12-Oct-09 23:08:49

Ooh thats a good idea, they were no use for me as I moved about a lot, did sleep with a pillow under my feet.

That could be an xmas pressie for her as she'll be almost 6 months then.

That brings me on to another question. Does it suck to get pregnancy related xmas and birthday presents? Would people rather jewellery etc?

hobnob57 Mon 12-Oct-09 23:09:26

Yep, a sling is on my list. I bought a didymos off ebay last time too late to get the full use out of it, and I always wished I had a fleecy pouch sling for my colicky baby in the early days so I'm getting MIL to make me one this time.

I'll also second the electric breast pump. I got one after a friend recommended the Medela mini wholeheartedly. I've got a swing one now as my mini got used so much it got milk in the motor. The swing is so much quieter too!

Taggie blanket.

babygros with foldover scratch mitts (Next and Sainsbury's apparently)

a glider chair (if you're feeling super generous!)

hairymelons Mon 12-Oct-09 23:11:54

It'd be an electric pump for me second time round too, got bloody cramp using the manual one twice a day!
I would also dearly love one of those travel systems, DS always woke when we transferred him from pram to car etc. And finally, a decent sling- the one we were given gave me backache so I hardly ever used it but with DS permanently attached would've been nice to be hands free.
As for your SIL, why not get her a facial or massage or summink instead?

ErikaMaye Mon 12-Oct-09 23:14:38

How about a pamper box? Some nail varnish, body butter, luxery shower gel, bath bombs, candles, massage oil... You get my drift. I got given various bits like that for my birthday and they've been fab.

ChasingSquirrels Mon 12-Oct-09 23:16:44

what I had for ds2 (over ds1) and appreciated having

- birth-6mo travel grobag
- decent slings rather than baby carrier (ring sling and then wrap type, actually at one point when he was around 9mo I just used a large sarong to tie him to me)

that's about it really.

hobnob57 Mon 12-Oct-09 23:35:49

Hmmm. My suggestions were very baby-centred.

How about a hotmilk bra? I've been drooling over them for months. They come recommended from all who try them on it seems.

mamaloco Tue 13-Oct-09 07:41:44

Had some pregnancy and parenting books at Xmas when I was 8 months pg with DD1. Hated it (it was the only gifts as well). Go for something not pg/baby related, your SIL will probably want to feel she is still in there. Nice scarf, gloves, vouchers for clothes' shops (she will need some post birth clothes but difficult to guess a size...), spa, jewellery,...
for DC2 thing I found unnecessary: changing table, mose basket, baby bjorn (will go a a wrap sling instead), food and bottle warmer, blankets
can't live without travel changing mat, Macclaren, cot bed, travel cot, grobags or over pijamas, all in one suit.

lola0109 Tue 13-Oct-09 09:20:37

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I will definitely get some sort of baby carrier as they have a dog too so might come in handy walking the dog. I'll be using mine for walking the toddler, so they are not confined to a buggy!

Also, definitely a Grobag, esp since TK Maxx are doing grobags for £17 compared to Mothercares £30. DD is still using hers at 13 months, what a god send!

I had to look up Hotmilk bras, my mind was conjuring all sorts of images! I think I'll put that on my list but don't think she intends to breastfeed. I offered to buy her bottles, she's got them, steriliser, she's got it! I kid you not, 16 weeks and the nursery is complete, decorated, with curtains, cot, everything!!!

Think I'll do the pamper box for her xmas! I know I'd rather have non pregnancy related presents, especially at 6 months! My best present first time round was a massage from DP, I didn't know I was pregnant til 2 days before xmas and he had already bought it but luckily they did a great pregnancy massage, it was bliss! But we've already hinted for B&Q vouchers for xmas this year! In the middle of decorating when unexpected BFP appeared!

Cies Tue 13-Oct-09 09:29:36

I agree with no baby stuff for xmas. But stuff to make her life easier in pg yes! So some massage oil or cooling gel for swollen feet, a pillow for comfy sleeping or a lovely maternity cardigan or jumper.

I was 25wks pg on my birthday and ILs gave me a babygrow. Thanks, but <<sulky toddler emoticon>> I want something for me.

BertieBotts Tue 13-Oct-09 09:46:02

Yes a baby carrier/sling! I would definitely recommend a stretchy wrap as they are most supportive for newborns but if you think they would be daunted by having a huge piece of material that they have to tie themselves then how about the Close Baby Carrier? (You can get them cheaper than that I'd guess)

Don't go for the Infantino Slingrider or the Premaxx Bag sling.

alana39 Tue 13-Oct-09 10:02:16

Agree get SIL something for herself for Christmas. As well as pamper stuff might she like a magazine subscription or something? (Not a pregnancy / birth one though!)

For the baby can't beat grobags but also a nice gift are these baby bundlers. Great for nighttime nappy changes - we were given a load of hand me downs from a friend with DS1 and there was 1 of these which was used very frequently in the first 3 months when you don't want to contend with legs refusing to go back into sleep suits at 3 am. Jojomamanbebe had some nice stripy ones I bought for myself and my sister last month but couldn't find on their website today.

Final idea is if you want to get something nearer the time that is more of a gift for the mum, a really nice changing bag? Even if SIL is planning to buy her own you can't have too many bags IMO grin and John Lewis had some lovely ones last time I was in there.

lola0109 Tue 13-Oct-09 13:37:22

I'm planning on doing a wee basket thing full of wee titbits like thermometer, bepanthen, infacol etc. Stuff that you need at 3am when baby is screaming and you don't know what to do! But i think definitely a sling and grobag.

I have loads of girls clothes that she can have if DC2 is a boy (find out at 20 week scan) along with masses of pink baby toys! But I have a funny feeling we are both having boys!

Thanks for all the suggestions.

BarakObamasTransitVan Tue 13-Oct-09 14:00:19

I will definately be getting a changing table - last time I had a cs and will probably have one this time, too. Even without the section I think I'd get one. I've been scouting (already) and you can pick them up 2nd hand for next to nothing. I might even get one of those ugly ones with a bath in it.
I will also get an electric swing thingy. I know that they are frowned upon but last time around it would have bought me minutes of peace for doing things like going for a wee. By the time I put ds in one at a friend's and realised what a godsend it would've been it was a bit late to get one. Also second hand, mind. I will be buying everything 2nd hand.

woowa Tue 13-Oct-09 16:56:43

my DH has threatened to buy me a pushchair for christmas (i'll be 7.5 months). I have threatened to leave if he does so grin

jewellery, and other nice things are what i'd really like!

wellieboot Tue 13-Oct-09 19:40:37

lola0109 I like your idea of a basket full of useful things - think I might steal that one!

I'm getting a changing table - didn't have one last time and got backache leaning over the bed all the time. Also a bumbo for later on, borrowed one last time and it was fab for weaning and generally propping baby up. And am going to treat myself to a fab changing bag!

The most useless thing I spent money on last time and was assured was essential was a top n tail bowl!

naomi83 Tue 13-Oct-09 21:38:11

mamaloco, i'm the opposite of you, last time i got a wrap sling and never used it, i found it difficult to tie, unsupportive, and a pain to wash and dry every time refluxy DS was sick. I'll be getting a Baby Bjorn active next time round (with the bibs) I also hated my mamas and papas system, it was clunky and heavy to push, and not at all worth the price. Next time round I'll get a new maclaren quest and a second hand rear-facing Britax Vigour

Poledra Tue 13-Oct-09 21:46:18

I bought a Close sling for DD3 and sooooooo wish I'd had it for all of them.'Twas fab, especially as she always seemed to get grumpy at tea time so I just snuggled her into the sling and got on with the older twos' tea.

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