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tjgx Thu 09-Jun-05 22:33:11

Hi sooooooo 37 weeks pregnant...and spent the evening with my friend who has just left 2 go home!! then tells me shes been around her male friend all day who has mumps very bad 4 which he maybe hospitalised 4....has she put my baby at risk with really worried and scared!!i was so angry with her 4 not telling me sooner//plz any advice any1 x

aloha Thu 09-Jun-05 22:37:25

Stop worrying! Mumps doesn't affect unborn babies, even if you caught it. And given that your friend doesn't have mumps then the risk has gone from zero to less than zero!
Now relax. (and don't be angry with your friend - nothing to be angry about)

tjgx Thu 09-Jun-05 23:08:02

hi ya...thanks was very worried!!as long as baby wil b okay....things like that does make u worried though...

aloha Thu 09-Jun-05 23:55:32

I promise you this is true! A good way to look up information is to use Google - type in pregnancy and mumps and you will see lots of reassuring information saying exactly what I said.

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