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A (very) late switch in hospitals - and, any thoughts on the Whittington?

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ourraquel Thu 01-Oct-09 17:23:39

So it looks like we may be moving, quite late on in my pregnancy, which means we escape can't use the Homerton, as we did when my dd was born (I know, I know, it can be a marvellous hospital but I just had a bit of a shitty time last time).

This means, probably, switching to the Whittington at around 32-34 weeks. Not that I have much choice in the matter, but it would be good to get some impressions from those who are already having antenatal care and/or have given birth there.

Happy stories welcome, but so is advice on anything to watch out for. And if anyone else has made this kind of late switch in their antenatal care, and lived to tell the tale, that would be good to know about too. Incidentally, I'm also under perinatal mental health care having had pnd last time, not that that probably makes much difference to anything.

We moved house last time I was pregnant, too. I think it's some kind of weird and unhealthy addiction. But after this: no more babies, and I'm going to live in this damned house until they take me out feet first.

pinkypanther Thu 01-Oct-09 18:22:35

I am at the Whittington at the moment. My ante-natal care there so far has been fabulous (they looked after me very well when I needed an amnio) - though I am only 19 weeks so have only had a few non-scan related appointments.

They have a new midwife led birthing centre there which is apparently lovely (and with good access to hospital facilities if needed), if that's the sort of thing you're looking for.

Good luck!

raggie Thu 01-Oct-09 18:43:49

I've had good care at the Whittington, particularly AT the hospital itself - nice sonographer, lovely Sister to talk me through my baby's renal dilatation.

The local MW team at the Hanley Rd practice where I go for routine appointments has been a bit sketchier: never the same midwife, one who was really weird and rude... But overall I'm happy. Can't comment on birthing unit as I'm actually moving hospitals very soon too (I'm currently 31+5) We're moving to Oxford so it's not because I'm dissatisfied with the Whit.

Hope helps a little!

ourraquel Thu 01-Oct-09 18:54:53

Thanks for these, pinkypanther and raggie, and the birthing centre sounds great. And raggie, good luck with your late switch too. Have you got a new GP's practice sorted out, or will you just wing it when you get there? I think I should probably do the former, but at the moment it's looking more like being the latter...

raggie Thu 01-Oct-09 20:22:25

I've just registered with my new practice and have a booking in appointment in 2 weeks time (the first time I was free for).

My old mw says at this appointment they will have to do the full works, tests, taking blood, etc as the won't use my old notes...AND they (old mw) are demanding them back! My GP said that was nonsense, but she seems determined to get them at my next appointment...however I have a scan the next day so I think I'll beg to keep them for that and see how I go. Will be photocopying the important bits though, just in case!

Who knows what will happen? It's a different story every time. But even if you don't register in time, they're not going to turn you away if you turn up in labour!

BelleWatling Thu 01-Oct-09 20:37:22

I used the Whittington - quite intervention-happy I think (where isn't?) but the new birthing centre is supposed to be fabulous. Their community midwives are excellent, the postnatal ward ones good. Will have DC2 there. They encourage you to stay as long as possible to recover and at least until BF established (though BF policy inconsistently applied by certain midwives hmm).

Have you thought about UCH? I have heard mixed things there but everyone I know who used Whittington had good things to say.

Thandeka Thu 01-Oct-09 20:46:23

I'm there too and think its great. We may be moving to e17 meaning a switch to whipps cross and I plan on a dash round the north circ in labour so i can stick with the whit!

They were good with my MMC too. Have had the odd niggle (typical NHS stuff departments not communicating) but far far exceed my expectations of london hospitals after grim gyny experience at homerton.

ourraquel Fri 02-Oct-09 10:55:14

Oh God, this is really reassuring, many thanks - just hope we can actually buy this house now! Adios, Homerton... Are any of you doing the antenatal classes at the Whittington (I presume they do them)? Thought I might go for a quick reminder, even though it's my second time around.

Thandeka Sun 04-Oct-09 21:30:27

I'm doing the november ones! and the december breastfeeding class. Oooh come join the ones then!

cleaningsucks Sun 04-Oct-09 21:33:00

aw... i was born there!

ourraquel Mon 05-Oct-09 13:02:38

I can't sign up for anything until we 'officially' make the switch, I guess - wish we weren't having to leave it so late. But I might see you there, thandeka, if I can claw my way in to somehow sign up for those classes at the last minute.

Cleaningsucks, was it the Whittington you were born at, or the Homerton? Most of my favourite people seem to have been born at one of the two. And I really don't mean to diss the Homerton, we just had bad luck there last time with shouty shouty midwives.


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