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Fainting and feeling generally c**p (sorry long-ish post)

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Ravgirl Tue 29-Sep-09 21:52:43

Hi, I'm 29 weeks pregnant and in the last 3 weeks have fainted four times and almost fainted another couple of times. I made it through the first trimester with no morning sickness but at the moment feel dreadful for at least the first 2 hours after I get up on most mornings. If I am going to faint it's usually if I'm travelling somewhere and am in a sitting position.

Have seen my GP and although my BP is low it has been all the way through pregnancy and is no lower now. GP has done blood tests and an ECG and they are all normal - I'm not even anaemic.

My theory is that it's the position of the baby and I think it's pressing on a blood vessel or something - is this possible or am I just being mad and if so is there anything I can do?

I'm at the end of my tether as I can't really go to work as I can't risk driving (I have a 1 hr commute down the M1), I fell about 10 days ago and cut my hands, knee and head so am very wary of going out and I can't face feeling like this for at least another 11 weeks. Has anyone else had a similar experience and did it eventually wear off?

Many Thanks

Prinpo Wed 30-Sep-09 09:51:51

Hi Ravgirl,

I'm sorry but I can't offer any insight into what's happening. However, a return visit to your doctor sounds in order. I used to have low blood pressure and that did cause me to faint periodically. Have you discussed your suspicions about the baby's position with your GP? Could the midwife try to move the baby around a little bit or suggest some exercises or positions for you to try? It's clearly really debilitating as you can't drive and you're feeling rotten and perhaps your GP hasn't quite picked up on how important it is to try to alleviate your symptoms.

Hope you get some relief soon.

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 01-Oct-09 13:05:13

Ravgirl - I'm 26 weeks and have the same. Had the same with previous two pregnancies too - feel like a bit of a freak - nothign apparently wrong, but faint or nearly faint, from a sitting position, which confuses Drs but they don't seem to recommend anything.

If you do get any answers - please post so I know too!!

timmette Thu 01-Oct-09 13:20:31

Ravgirl I also have low blood pressure and was advised to increase my salt intake, eat every 2 hours and drink a lot. They have helped me to feel less dizzy. The gynae says that unless blood pressure gets dangerously low they do not medicate as the medicine is not good to take in pregnancy.

watercress Thu 01-Oct-09 15:49:19

Hi Ravgirl,

I also have very low BP. GP and MW were pretty useless (but expresses surprise that I walked into my appointments), but I decided to increase my fluid intake first thing and have breakfast before going to work (like you, I have a long commute). So instead of my usual cup of tea, then breakfast at work, I now have two slices of toast at home with a cup of tea and a big glass of juice. Sounds simple, but it has really done the trick for me.

I also have to make sure I eat frequently throughout the day, and drink plenty of fluids - I make sure I have snacks in my bag and a bottle of water.

Hope this helps, as I was 14 weeks pg and in a very similar situation to you a few weeks ago, and this has made a massive difference to me.

Good luck x

messylittlemonkey Sat 03-Oct-09 12:35:45

Hi there

Sorry to hear you're not feeling great.

I'm 15 weeks today and started having fainting or near fainting episodes this week. Keeled over in the park with my daughter and a whole load of onlookers watching. Very embarrassing.

My BP is normal, but mw said that it can drop when standing for any length of time which is what was happening to me. I now try to sit down or keep on the move!

I think these things are just part and parcel of pregnancy. This is my 2nd DC and I never had this with my first.

Keep your chin up. I know it's hard.


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