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Numb feet and MMC?

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quickoneoffthetypist Wed 23-Sep-09 12:59:35

Hello, reverting to my 'not telling the world about being up the duff yet' name change, as I went and had a missed miscarriage. Poor little embryo died at 6 weeks but we didn't know until bleeding and scan at 11 weeks (on the 17th). I'm letting things take their course and scoffing the cocodamol as I'm still partially breastfeeding my 15-month-old DD (and she won't sleep without it!)

I'm a bit puzzled about my numb feet though. It's mostly on the side where I have an ancient back injury and some sciatica, it's intermittent, and is mostly alleviated by elevation. It's been happening for about 2-3-4 weeks, ever since some ouchie calf cramps on the same side, and the back is playing up, too. I attributed it to tarsal tunnel, but I thought you couldn't get that this early on, and anyway, I'm having an MC! I think it's been easing off for the last couple of days, but as it's intermittent, it's hard to be sure.

I had nothing like this in my last pregnancy; if anything, my back improved (probably all that relaxin).

I suppose I should see/ask someone but don't really relish sitting in a crowded, stuffy waiting room feeling pukey and crampy and headachey and sorry for myself, with a 15-month-old to entertain.

Any suggestions as to what's going on, and WWYD, much appreciated!

quickoneoffthetypist Wed 23-Sep-09 13:03:09

Oh forgot to say - mostly numb toe tips, slightly numb heels. Happened once in the other foot. Had one or two recent episodes in hands which could have been carpal tunnel, but then, I have RSI so it was probably that. No visible swelling, heart rate fine. Just in case that info is relevant! Thanks.

quickoneoffthetypist Wed 23-Sep-09 17:10:02

Noone's had this or seen this? <Off to google again>

J33nco Wed 30-Sep-09 13:43:22

In my 1st pregnancy (mmc) from about 5wks I suffered very bad pins and needles and numbness in hands and feet predominantly. I went to see a chiropractor who said that the hormone chages with pregnancy had basically encouraged underlying subluxations of the spine to get irritated. Regular visits to her really helped. Its amazing what those hormones can do.

Warmseabreeze Wed 30-Sep-09 13:52:44

I had alot of numbness of limbs during early pregnancy when I had a mc too - how strange!

llandb Tue 06-Oct-09 20:33:17

Hello, just 'coming out' and confessing to being the OP because I've got over my silly notion that I can't tell anyone hmm

Anyway, thanks v. much for your responses!

Had to have a D&C in the end. It was my big chance to mention it to a doctor or two. They seemed quite happy to attribute it to 'ancient back injury'

But funnily, the numbness is much relieved since the emptying-out. And I'd never had anything like it before, despite having had the relevant back prob for (counts fingers and toes) 16 years. And it seems to fit what both of you experienced.

Strange, indeed - and thanks for the assurance!

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