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How much is too much....?

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TishTosh21 Tue 15-Sep-09 16:24:39

Have been reading what to eat and what to avoid during pg, but not really any specific details on how much tea you are allowed. I drink tea all day long I could not live without it, but would like to know what my limit is. Does anyone know?

Wigeon Tue 15-Sep-09 20:31:24

It's more to do with your total caffine intake throughout the day, so if you only drink tea, and don't drink coffee / eat chocolate etc, then accordint to the NHS official advice, you can have two mugs of tea. See here. But not a good idea to then have a coffee, can of coke and a chocolate bar too!

Wigeon Tue 15-Sep-09 20:32:16

(it's at the end of the page I've linked to, under "caffine")

Wigeon Tue 15-Sep-09 20:34:08

If you are used to drinking tea all day, could you switch to decaff tea? Or herbal tea?

pippylongstockings Tue 15-Sep-09 20:42:56

Gosh two cups of tea seems very little! I drank two cups of coffee every day and a cup or two of tea and ate chocolatemost days ! Eeeeeeek...

TishTosh21 Wed 16-Sep-09 10:33:37

haha thanks for the advice! I drink way more than 2 cups of tea but your right about not drinking coffee/ eating choc (altho DP buys choc and eats it on the sofa next to me so how can i resist?!)
I very rarely drink coke as tends to make me feel a bit queazy.
I think as this is my first pg i'm being very strict with myself, prob too strict really!
i've read that people who dont know they are pg and still smoking/drinking/handling cat poo etc and they were fine so think i prob just need to relax lol.

osaraf Thu 17-Sep-09 10:31:20

I read that if you stew the tea bag for 30-40 seconds in a bit of boiled water, pour that water away and then re-fill the cup, it takes away 80% of the caffine as nearly all the caffine is released into the water in that first 40 seconds. Can't hurt to try! :-)

TishTosh21 Thu 17-Sep-09 11:01:28

that sounds like a good idea to do at work cos we dont have any decaff tea bags here. I will give that a go, thanks osaraf!

ReneRusso Thu 17-Sep-09 12:24:28

I think the official advice (from FSA) is no more than 200 mg of caffeine per day, which equates to about 2 or 3 mugs or tea. A mug of tea contains about 75mg apparently. But add on some chocolate or diet coke and you have blown the limit.


TishTosh21 Thu 17-Sep-09 15:39:37

Id rather cut out choc than tea and thats saying something! I am doing my best to cut it down though.
I didnt even realise how many things you couldnt eat, then I forget and eat them anyway.
Maybe i should make a list and pin it up in the kitchen?

rubyslippers Thu 17-Sep-09 15:42:21

i wouldn't worry too much about tea

the guidance is just that - guidance

there is some research about caffeine and an increased risk of miscarriage in the 1st trimester IIR

i drank at least 2 cups of tea, 1 cup of coffee and chocolate most days and am 37 weeks PG and absolutely fine

BUT if it is going to stress you out, then limit yourself

TishTosh21 Thu 17-Sep-09 16:55:43

Its very reassuring to know people in the same position who still drink tea and are fine, gives me hope! Thanks for all your help everyone, if there is anything else you think i should know/ warn me about dont hesitate!

Supercherry Thu 17-Sep-09 17:19:44

I like my tea very weak and milky so figure there really cannot be that much caffeine in it. I do buy decaff for at home but if I'm out or visting there is no way I would turn down a cuppa.

Can you order some decaff online?

Wigeon Thu 17-Sep-09 17:54:49

I think it's all about your attitude to risk. There's no such thing as the perfect pregnancy diet - just different diets that put your baby at more or less risk, or encourage it to grow optimally or less optimally.

Personally, I did try to follow most of the food recommendations (PFB?!) but didn't beat myself up when I had a small glass of champagne at a friend's wedding in my last trimester, or coudln't remember if a particular cheese was ok or not when I was out. I had two cups of tea a day, and sometimes a bit of chocolate, which was the same as when I wasn't preggers.

The two links on this thread tell you pretty much everything you need to know, then it's up to you to decide to what extent you want to follow the guidance!

TishTosh21 Thu 17-Sep-09 20:45:57

Ill def buy some decaff tea, im doing pretty well with remembering which foods i can and cant eat.
I guess as its my first im more concerned about the risks and just want everything to go right.
Listening to peoples advice who have been through it all before really helps and prepares me a bit better so keep it coming!

Longtalljosie Fri 18-Sep-09 06:51:03

I was careful in my first trimester - and drank decaff tea. And after that let it slip a bit...

lilysam Fri 18-Sep-09 07:05:11

So the cuppa and 4-fingered dark choc kitkat I've just had has probably used my quota for the dayblush

I was completely addicted to Dairy Milk with DD1 and ate bricks of the stuff...however i normally have 2 or 3 very weak cups of tea in a day, and every now and then a yummy (decaf if i remember)latte or something somewhere as a treat.

TishTosh21 Fri 18-Sep-09 11:10:55

haha who can resist choc tho??
i dont know what im going to be like when it comes to the big decisions like choosing a school if im this bad at how much tea i can drink!

Wigeon Fri 18-Sep-09 14:01:53

I find that the smaller the decision, the more I stress about it! I agreed to marry DH as soon as he asked, but we spend ages and ages researching the best pushchair / car insurance / electricity company etc!

TishTosh21 Fri 18-Sep-09 15:54:54

haha yeah omg im the same! Like which packet of biscuits shall i open? and i spend 5 mins deciding, but having a baby i decide in a split second!
That reminds me, i still cant decide on the best buggy around nowadays, they are all so technical now, what happened to 4 wheels and a seat?

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