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18 wks preg and agonising back pain.

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mummynumnum Sun 13-Sep-09 19:11:19

Please tell me it will go away. Or what can I do to alleviate it. never had it with dd and getting to point that thought of going to work tommorrow is making me cry!

nomorebooze Sun 13-Sep-09 20:09:55

have you got any support tights or a pregnancy band? if not a warm bath may help, i found walking the dog eased my a bit. try extra pillows in bed to get comfy! hope you feel ok for work tommorrow! take care.

AngelaCarleen Sun 13-Sep-09 21:04:50

Ask your midwife/ gp to refer you to physio. No point hoping it will go away and ending up there in a couple of weeks anyway smile

alana39 Mon 14-Sep-09 10:08:56

I had similar with DS2, I think because 15 mth old DS1 was only just walking so lots more pressure on back.

These helped:
- moved a plastic garden chair into the living room - straight back, and arms to push up off
- rolled up scarf behind my back on tube and in office - it was much firmer than a cushion and made it bearable to sit down for a bit, but also got up regularly and walked around
- chair by side of bed to hold onto as I tried to get up
- pillow between legs and sleep on side to try to keep back straight at night
- went to a chiropracter (others I know saw osteopaths with similar results) - sorted me out in 3 visits, and I don't really believe in the whole thing but the (painless) manipulation really did seem to help. It wasn't as expensive as I had expected so might be worth seeing if anyone you know can made a recommendation, even your GP as many of them will know of osteopaths at least with good reputation. As Angela said referral to physio also worth trying for but where I live the waiting list meant I'd have had the baby before getting seen.

In the meantime try not to overdo it, it's very easy to get totally worn down by back pain at the best of times let alone when you're pregnant, so if you can get any help with looking after dd / cleaning / washing etc. it will make a difference. Good luck.

BlueChampagne Mon 14-Sep-09 15:42:36

Second the chiro/osteo suggestion. You could also consider signing up to an ante-natal yoga course (also great for getting to know other pg ladies in the area). Plus paracetamol and Deep Freeze. Hope you feel better soon.

Miia Mon 14-Sep-09 16:39:16

Ah, these worked for me:

1. Buy those heat packs that you stick on - stays warm for 8 hours and does wonders. The reheatable bags are generally rubbish so I would splash out on this.

2. Also go to have a massage done, you can lie on your side while they work on your pelvis and lower back. I did this and they told me my pelvis muscles were really tight, hence the pain.

3. Check your shoes - I've noticed that high heels and too flat shoes are not good. Best thing is wearing running trainers as they come with proper cushioning.

4. Use a special neck pillow and put a pillow between your legs when sleeping - this keeps your spine straight and alleviates the pain.

5. Back exercises - take all fours position and lift opposite leg and opposite arm to the same level as your head. Keep your head/neck straight. Try doing a few sets of 16.

mummynumnum Mon 14-Sep-09 21:08:06

Some great tips thanks. Better today but not brilliant.

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