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Advice on finding a private midwife

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Vangough Thu 03-Sep-09 18:36:51

I am considering the investment of a midwife 2nd time around as I suffered PTS first time due to complications with an episiotomy and subsequent hideous infection and then post natal surgery. It made the whole birth experience horrific for me (shame as it had all been going so well !) I didn't bond with my DD for at least 6+ months because I associated her with all the horror.
I want to do a natural birth again but I am terrified the trauma will come back and I just can't do 3 months of flashbacks and terror at night again Its been recommended that I have a private midwife to help me as my local borough (Croydon) don't offer any consistent midwifery service. In fact my next door neighbour didn't even get a visit AT ALL from either the Croydon midwives or health visitors when her first was born. Sadly I also found them pretty useless too. My friend managed to have her local NHS surgery supply a midwife throughout her pregnancy who also went to hospital with her too ! but as far as I know there is nothing like that in my area (SE19, London) Does anyone have any ideas or any recommends ? (and how much does it cost !) Thanks

liahgen Thu 03-Sep-09 18:46:14

I know a lovely IM but not sure she goes as far as you. I'll check.

liahgen Thu 03-Sep-09 18:47:24

thing is if your IM goes to hospital with you, chaances are she'll be in Doula capacity once there. It's unusual for them to be allowed to "work" if that makes sense.

(ready to be corrected but that's my understanding)

frogthistle Thu 03-Sep-09 20:01:49

Try for info & a search engine on postcode.

In Croydon, there should be some who cover the area.

I am going with an independent midwife this time (DC3) for many many reasons. Yes they are expensive (I'm paying just over £3000 but prices do vary & some will accept payment in kind as well) but the care is outstanding. My preference would always be for homebirth but in the event that I transferred into hospital for care in labour, my MW would continue in an advocate/doula role.

We have monthly appointments (for up to two hours) until 30 weeks, when they are weekly until the end. She will provide 6 weeks postpartum care. I have no fight on my hands about homebirth with the Supervisor of Midwives & I will know my midwife.

Good luck on your search.

MrsHappy Thu 03-Sep-09 20:32:55


As others have said, if you go to hospital an IM will only be able to act as doula for you. Not that this is necessarily a problem - I am doing just that and am very glad to have someone qualified and experienced there who is there just for me, IYSWIM. And avoiding much of the hospital antenatal stuff is cool too.

There will be IMs who cover your area. I haven't used her, but my friend used this lady and recommended her to me, so it might be worth speaking to her to see if you like her too.

Good luck!

Tangle Thu 03-Sep-09 21:24:54

We signed up for IMs with DD at 36 weeks. At the time we were focussed on the birth (NHS was unsuportive of our informed choice), but looking back they more than earnt their money in the post natal care and in giving us the peace of mind that we knew who would turn up when I was in labour and what their attitude would be. We've just booked again for DC2.

Whilst my intention is to birth at home, I'm very aware that things can go wrong and I still feel my IM will be useful in hospital as an advocate that is medically knowledgable who can advise DH and myself or can speak for us (we have a good enough relationship I trust her advice implicitly).

For me/us the continuity of care and level of support is invaluable and would be worth double what most IMs charge.

Fingers crossed you can find the support you need and have a better experience this time round.

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