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carpel tunnel syndrome - hints for symptom relief?

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herethereandeverywhere Tue 01-Sep-09 19:31:15

Hi, I'm 35+4 and suffering from pregnancy carpel tunnel syndrome which is getting steadily worse. I can't make a fist (so can't grip anything) or properly stretch out my fingers. The worst part is the pain from my joints. My hands completely seize when I'm sleeping and take about half an hour before I can do anything. Removing trousers to go to the loo and fastening my bra has become like torture!

The only thing the doctor has recommended is to sleep with my arms elevated, which is impossible.

I would really love to be playing with my shiny bugaboo bee and learning how it works/folds up etc. but it's impossible sad. It's also inhibiting my ability to nest sad

Any hints on how to ease this would be much, much appreciated. Thanks.

Clary Tue 01-Sep-09 19:34:10

Have you got splints? I found they really helped in pregnancy. I wore them all night and you could wear them in the day too.

Try to find a position for sleeping which leaves yr arms as flat as poss (the splints will help) eg on yr back with yr arms over the duvet?

Also warm/cold arm baths (alternating) to ease symptoms when you get up.

I really sympathise - I suffered terribly when pg with DD - I used to have to get up in the middle of the night as the pain was so bad I couldn't sleep.

herethereandeverywhere Tue 01-Sep-09 19:50:02

I don't have splints but you're not the first to mention them - did you have to buy them yourself?

Thanks so much for the other hints too - I'll try them all tonight smile

At first I was almost proud of my unusual pregnancy symptom, so much rarer than piles and heartburn!!! That'll teach me wink

Clary Tue 01-Sep-09 19:52:38

Is it unusual then?

I was told it would stop once DD was delivered - I was about 12 wks when it started shock

Luckily it did fade away sooner than that - I didn't suffer for 25 weeks!!

Splints I got free for sure - must have asked at GPs and think I got referred to hospital.

herethereandeverywhere Tue 01-Sep-09 20:07:51

Think it's fairly unusual. I know loads of people with kids and only one had even heard of this, her friend who had triplets had it (along with every other symptom under the sun!)

My doctor isn't exactly the pro-active type. I'll harrass him for a referral!

Luckily it only started at about 30 weeks when my swelling started. I've been told it will go within 10 days of delivery - not exactly sure how I'll be fastening those baby-gro poppers in the mean time though hmm

jasmeeen Tue 01-Sep-09 22:50:59


I'm 21 weeks pg with my 3rd and the Carpal Tunnel has been going on for a few weeks now. I had it v badly with my first 2 pregnancies. The splints were a HUGE help. With both pregnancies I wore them at night and with the second I wore them during the day sometimes as well.

You can ask your midwife for a referral to the physio who will then give you the splints or buy them yourself. I can't find the prescribed splints (up in the loft somewhere!) so have bought them myself this time to speed up the process.

Also, with both pregnancies it disappeared within a week of giving birth.

eightisseventoomany Tue 01-Sep-09 23:24:11

I have had carpal Tunnel in this pg..

(never had it in any previous 4 pregnancys !!!)

Didnt even know what it was !!

However...after mentioning to my Doc
I was suffering lots of pins/needles & shooting pain up & down arms at times, along with unable to use my hands.......& he then suggested surgery !!!! nothing too drastic then shock....and I asked if there was anything else i could try before such drastic measures ??
"met with a resounding nooo"

So, shunning his advice, I decided to look for info on the web.

I have been since taking Vit B6 and vit B12, Floradix medicine (containing these vitamins & iron)
and occasionally magnesium & calcium drinking at least 3 pints of water every day....
This has helped HUGELY

I still occasionally get pins & needles
after sleeping.....but this resolves within about 3 mins of standing up & gently swinging my arms to get the fluid & blood flow back to normal in my hands.

But I get it nothing like before....

I would try these vitamins are very good in pregnancy is drinking plenty of fluids !!!
and it worked for me !!
Never tried a doc refused to prescribe me one as he just wanted to book me in for the hand surgeon !!!

no idea how good splints are....
but give the vits & water a try for a few days....!!!

hope this helps

londonlottie Wed 02-Sep-09 09:33:36

Message withdrawn

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